An app to improve public transportation conditions

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The Challenge

Researchers from EPFL’s transportation department approached Swiss Tomato with an app concept that woud simplify and accelerate the collection of public transport user satisfaction data. The app Urby-me wanted to improve the services of public transportation in Lausanne.

The Solution

The application, using geolocation, knows where the users are located, and once they have downloaded the app and created a user profile, the app offers a questionnaire when sensing that the users are on the metro. The questionnaire focuses on grouped topics such as comfort, customer service, safety, accessibility, payment and even the weather. Besides the special usage data, the app also tracked the movement of the users both before and after their metro trip, the data of which was only used without the personal information of the users.


The app helped to gather valuable data to improve the Lausanne public transportation, appreciated for its interactive, quick yet engaging surveys. Transports publics lausannois (TPL) was really pleased with the results and the way the app streamlined and simplified the collection of user feedback data.


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