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Web app development in Geneva & Zurich

Our award-winning web & app development agency in Geneva & Zurich has a wide range of experience building modern web apps with intuitive design and state-of-the-art technology. Contact us
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What is a web app?

What is a web app?

A web app is a web solution with a navigation similar to a mobile app and with certain features that you would rather expect in a regular mobile app. A web app has its own URL and can be accessed via a browser, so it is accessible across devices (computer, tablet, apps). Web apps usually focus on performing certain actions (like booking a hotel stay), vs. a regular website which focuses on sharing information.

Web apps in Switzerland are increasingly more and more popular.

What are the advantages of developing a web app?

What are the advantages of developing a web app?

The main advantage of developing a web app is that you do not need to download an app from the app store, users can simply access it from the browser. This means that is can be accessed on any device and that you can use SEO and search marketing to drive traffic. Web apps are also very fast and feel very responsive compared to regular websites.

PWA development

PWA development

A PWA (progressive web app) is a web app on steroids. It has certain features beyond a regular web app. It is installable (though with some caveats) and it will have its own app icon. Once you open the PWA by clicking on the app icon, the app will be opened in a standalone window and not in the browser.
A PWA provides a certain amount of offline functionalities as it caches certain information.

Web apps vs. mobile apps

Web apps vs. mobile apps

Mobile apps can be downloaded from the app store and they provide a more comprehensive set of features vs web apps:

  • they can offer more complete offline functionalities
  • the speed and performance will be always better, just think of using the Facebook mobile app vs using Facebook in your browser
  • better access to advanced phone features, like Face ID, Bluetooth, camera, AR etc.
  • push notifications

At the same time mobile apps take more time and budget to develop and your users need to take the additional step of deciding to download it

When to develop a web app?

When to develop a web app?

We recommend developing a web app in certain specific cases:

  • Your use case is where your users would like to perform a certain type of well-defined action, like checking out real estate for rent, booking an appointment for a service, checking the status of your flight etc.
  • You don’t need advanced functions that only mobile apps provide
  • Search engine is key for your users to discover your web app
  • You need access across devices, not only mobile phones
  • Or when you already have mobile apps, but you want to provide an alternative to those users who don’t prefer to download them

If you would like to learn more about the technologies, please see our detailed guide about web apps vs PWAs vs mobile apps

Good example of a web app developed in Switzerland

Good example of a web app developed in Switzerland

The Swiss Railways (CFF / SBB) approached us to create a web app for an indoor map solution for the Lausanne train station. The train station is being renovated now for multiple years and certain passages will be closed, so travelers will need to find their way through the renovation works.

In order to facilitate the navigation of passengers, Swiss Tomato has developed a web app that has a 3D indoor and outdoor map of the train station at multiple levels. Users can quickly select or search for their destination and receive a step-by-step guide on how to reach it. The navigation also has an option for people with reduced mobility to avoid stairs.

The interface is very intuitive, fast and easy to use, just like a mobile app but without the need to download an app.

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Proudly recognised as an award-winning app & web development agency in Switzerland since 2015.

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  • user engagement bronze
  • innovation bronze
  • enterprise bronze
  • AR/VR Top 5
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  • mobile winner
  • 2× innovation top 4
  • 3× mobile top 4
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and above all
– loved by clients

6 principles we follow for web app development

Optimised technology for rapid loading times

Outstanding performance

Optimised technology for rapid loading times

Simple navigation and engaging design

Modern UX (User Experience)

Simple navigation and engaging design

You web app will work on every device

Responsive design

You web app will work on every device

Solid base for any future development


Solid base for any future development

We will make sure your web app will run seamlessly

Reliable Maintenance

We will make sure your web app will run seamlessly

Strictly following the latest requirements

GDPR Compliance

Strictly following the latest requirements

App development agency founded by 2 brothers

We’re a family-led web & app development agency in Geneva & Zurich who loves to help our clients grow with tailor-made outstanding digital solutions.

With the agility of a small agency combined with the expertise of a large one, we combine our passion for great design and cutting-edge technology to give you an unrivalled solution.

App development agency founded by 2 brothers
Daniel Racsko

Co-founder / Head of Operations

Norbert Racsko

Co-founder / Head of Client Relations

Why create a web app in Switzerland with Swiss Tomato?

Responsiveness and Flexibility

Short response time


Our web apps are always delivered on time


Open workflow processes and providing regular updates every step of the way


Using our unrivalled expertise to build innovative solutions

A Team of A-players

Our experienced team of account managers, developers and designers will deliver you the results we can be all proud of

Happy* Clients

Are you a small business or start-up? Bigger company? Non-profit? International Organisation? No matter your size, we’ve got you covered.

United Nations
World Trade Organization
Groupe Mutuel
eBusiness Institute

What our clients say

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Swiss Tomato did a fantastic job redesigning our website within budget and to deadline. Great to work with, I would recommend them without hesitation.

Chris Galvin
Chris Galvin
Head of Communications & Outreach
ICoCA (NGO in Geneva)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I worked with Swiss Tomato on two complex IT projects a mobile app development with back-end and a Drupal based website development. We were very happy with the work of Swiss Tomato, they were proactive on how to translate our business needs into working IT Solutions. We were very satisfied with the proposed UX/UI solutions as well. I would be glad to recommend Swiss Tomato for web and mobile application development projects.

Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor
Director Education & Public Health
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We feel very lucky to have found Swiss Tomato. They have ran our website redesign project to a very high level, and we’re grateful for their partnership. They’ve shown themselves to be experts in everything from design and UX to front and backend development, all the while carefully managing the project and the stakeholders on both sides of the aisle. Amazing value, can’t recommend them enough!

Richard Henke
Marketing manager
Bucher + Suter
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Can only but highly recommend them. Used them twice for previous engagements to completely revamping established websites. A breath of fresh air and emphatic customer service. The Swiss Tomato guys are fast, a pleasure to work with, patient and fun. In-depths know-how and always ready to share and to support. Great experience.

Beate Vetter
Beate Vetter
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Very good project follow-up and very warm and professional contact

Vincent Charrière
Vincent Charriere
Communication project manager
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The experience of developing our project with Swisstomato has been highly satisfactory. With an excellent and professional technical team, at the same time flexible and always listening to our needs and expectations. A learning process that has brought us a result that meets our expectations. We would work with them again if the opportunity may arise.

Claudia Caicedo
Claudia Caicedo
Program manager
UPR Info
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Top Agency. Already worked with Swiss Tomato for various projects. always innovative and following the latest trends, Swiss Tomato has created intelligent and effective campaigns fitting my needs.

Placeholder: Romain Robert
Romain Robert
Marketing manager at
Ulysee Nardin
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Swiss Tomato est une agence très professionnelle qui a aidé le journal La Liberté à faire sa transition vers l’information digitale en développant une application de grande qualité. Un vrai plaisir d’avoir pu collaborer avec cette agence.

Armand Goy
Armand Goy
Marketing director
La Liberté
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Swiss Tomato designed and built a new website based on our new strategy. I really appreciated the hard work put in by all the team and the phenomenal product that resulted. In particular, I appreciated the design ideas, suggestions and their capacity to find solutions quickly and efficiently. Well done Swiss Tomato!

Daniel Ahlers
Managing Partner
Centre for Coaching
What technology to use for a web app

What technology to use for a web app

There are multiple technologies that you can consider for developing a web app, you need to choose the right front-end or back-end technology.

React JS is a very modern Javascript-based technology originally developed by Facebook (today Meta). More than 220’000 live sites use this technology, including companies like Apple, Paypal and Netflix as well as companies in Switzerland. It is fast, flexible and it has a great performance.

VueJS is the second most popular front-end technology for web apps, which allows you to create great UX, it is highly customisable and loads very fast, it is also a Javascript-based technology.

You can either go for a CMS like WordPress or Drupal or you can create a custom back-end solution, we recommend either NodeJS or Laraval frameworks, both are modern and solid technologies that you can count on in the long run.

Timing and process for web app development

Timing and process for web app development

Developing a web app takes about 3-5 months depending on the complexity of the web app.

2-4 weeks
We will start with a series of workshops where we will define the objectives of the web app, the needs of your target group and the key functional blocks. We will organise the functions according to the priorities and work out a detailed specification document that will be the basis for developing your web app.
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Web App design & wireframe
2-4 weeks
Building on the specification document, our agency will create screen by screen the wireframe of your web app. We recommend using the Figma prototyping tool.

We will create an easy-to-use and intuitive UX (User Experience) and couple it with a UI (User Interface) that respects your brand’s colours and guidelines. We will prepare the design in a way that it can be used across different screen sizes.
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Development of the web app
6-12 weeks
In the planning phase we will identify the right technology for your web app and now we also have the graphical prototype, so it’s time to develop.

We will assign the right front-end and back-end developer who will create your web app that is pixel-perfect and runs smooth across devices and browsers.
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Testing and bug fixing
2 weeks
We apply rigorous testing methods to eliminate the bugs. Our team will test the web app on multiple devices and browsers and we will follow a predefined list of tasks that need to be performed before we hand it over to you for testing.

Following the client testing, we will eliminate the last bugs and we will prepare for the launch.
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Setting the web app live
Following the successful test phase, we will upload your web app to its final server and activate it on the desired URL. We will test the web app also in the live environment and we will address any potential issues during our warranty period.

Now it’s up to the users to enjoy your web app!
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For a professional web app, you need a professional team

For a professional web app, you need a professional team

Developing a modern web app needs a solid team which works together towards delivering state-of-the-art software.

Our team is made up of Switzerland-based account managers in Geneva & Zurich supported by our senior software engineers and designers who are based in Hungary.

Account & Project Manager
This person coordinates the whole project and ensures flawless delivery coordinating client needs and managing the development and design team
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UX/UI Designer
He or she is responsible for creating the wireframe of the web app and to ensuring the design is followed perfectly by the developers
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Front-end developer
The developer who is responsible for developing the code for the user interface part of the web app
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Back-end developer
The developer who takes care of the server-side coding
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QA Manager and testers
We use independent testers from the developer team to spot the bugs before the test version is shared with you
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What are the costs that you can expect when developing a web app?

What are the costs that you can expect when developing a web app?

It depends on a lot of factors, but as a rule of thumb you can count on 300-1’000 work hours and this has to be multiplied by the hourly fee of the respective team members.

As we explained above you need a big team and quality time for a professional web app. We combine an expert team located between Switzerland and Hungary to propose you outstanding quality for a fair price.

Development hours based on complexity

Development hours based on complexity

Below you will find hourly estimations for web apps of different complexities. The hours are determined by the number of different functions and the complexity of those functions.

To calculate the price, you need to multiply the working hours with the hourly fee, please contact us for details.

Simple web app
In case of a simple web app, where there is already an existing back-end, you could count with about 250-350 hours and about 12-14 weeks for the timing.
Medium complexity web app
For such a complexity we can assume a limited number of functions that need to be developed both on the front-end as well as on the back-end, for such a web app you can expect 350-550 hours and a development time of 14-16 weeks.
High complexity web app
If there is a complex front-end and back-end to be developed with user management and multiple and complex functions, then you can plan with 600-1000 hours of development and roughly 5-7 months of development time.

Kicking off your web app development project

We would love to offer our expertise and work together on your web app project. The best way to start is to share your written brief with us. If you don’t have one, then we can also send you our brief template that you can follow to define your requirements.

We work on various web app development projects in the Geneva and Zurich region and across Switzerland.

Whether you are a start-up, a non-profit organisation or a medium size business, we are here to turn your web app concept into reality with the most modern technologies and proven award-winning capabilities.

You will receive the attention you need as we combine the flexibility of a small agency with the expertise of a big one.


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