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Mobile App Development & Website Design

We are an award-winning digital and web agency in Geneva & Zurich, specializing in app development + webdesign + AR & VR apps + digital marketing. Whether you are a major brand, start-up, small business, international organization or NGO, we will take care of technology to help you achieve your objectives.

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Mobile App
From Geneva & Zurich, Switzerland, we develop apps for iPhones, iPads, Android and tablets. Our qualified team is ready to deliver your custom-made mobile app within a short development cycle. We create modern, up-to-date applications to fulfill your business needs. We are proud to be among the finalists for the Best of Swiss App 2015 Award and Top 3 in the Best of Swiss Web 2016 and 2017: Mobile Category.
Our web developer agency in Geneva & Zurich offers website development solutions for a wide range of companies, from start-ups to Geneva and Lausanne based small business and industry leaders. We use the latest technologies, making sure that every website has a responsive design and an easy-to-use content management system. Our web developers offer WordPress, Drupal as well as custom-made sites, e-commerce (Wordpress + Woocommerce, custom developments, Drupal), and specific mobilesites always with a fresh design.
Augmented + Virtual Reality
Swiss Tomato is a leading Swiss innovator in the field of Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality app developments. At our special department,Virtual Tomato, we develop AR apps and VR apps for events, luxury watches, healthcare, real estate or outstanding games for outstanding brands.
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We are an award-winning web agency, bringing cutting-edge technological solutions wrapped in conscious designs that serve, not just amaze.

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Best of Swiss App 2015, Finalist

Jet Aviation app

View your very own private jet in 3D or AR.

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Award Top Image

Best of Swiss Web in Mobile Category 2016, Top 3

Groupe Mutuel app

Find out all about your health insure and scan your invoices.

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Award Top Image

Best of Swiss Web in Mobile Category 2017, Top 3

SIHH app

All you need to know about the 2nd biggest Geneva watch exhibition.

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Award Top Image

Developer of an Apple Featured App (Top 0.2%), 2019

Der Die Das app

An innovative hand-drawn language learning app.

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We are proud to be trusted by major Clients across various industries

About us

Swiss what?

We are Swiss Tomato. Not Apple, not Californian and we don’t surf. Swiss, like the best watches. Tomato, like the fruit that’s a vegetable. Not the average combination. And not your average agency.

What makes us Swiss

We always employ the latest technology while staying reliable at peak performance. With our client teams in Geneva & Zurich we enable our Clients to achieve their goals with the best use of digital

Why Tomato?

We strive for freshness and juiciness in everything we do, the tomato on the cake if you want. A touch of creativity, fresh perspective and innovation. Got it?

Why us?

Award-winning bulletproof technology

Award-winning bulletproof technology

We code with passion, it will work like a V8 engine under a shiny hood.

Founded by 2 brothers

Founded by 2 brothers

We are a family-owned business so we work harder and smarter

Medium is beautiful

Medium is beautiful

The flexibility of a small agency with the expertise of a large agency

The ‘Tomato’ method

The ‘Tomato’ method

We’re on your team. We’re not just a supplier. We care and commit.

Our story

The resemblance in our surname and professionally cool facial expression are not accidental. We’re two brothers, whose happy 10-year relationship with our beloved multinationals came to an abrupt ending. Following by downing a tomato juice on the terrace of a bar next to Lake Geneva. Sipping our juices, the idea of developing a sailing app was born. The rest is history.


Daniel Racsko


Closing the door behind free ice-creams and free bank accounts at Unilever / Magnum and a major retail bank, he is dedicated to bring the most out of our tech team. Also, he’s up for telling one more story about sailing.

Norbert Racsko


His career defining moments were launching a dishwashing liquid with blood orange & pomegranate at P&G and learning the Hebrew alphabet out of boredom during a conf call at HP. These made him take the leap of faith and he is now leading our account team.


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Victory! - Best of Swiss Apps 2019
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