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Based in Geneva and Zurich, we are one of Switzerland’s leading app developer and website developer agencies.

We offer services to major brands, start-ups, small businesses and government agencies.

We are proud to be among the finalists for the Best of Swiss App Award 2015 and place in the
top 3 of the Best of Swiss Web 2016, 2017: mobile category.



From Geneva & Zurich, Switzerland, we provide app development for iPhones, iPads, Android and tablets. Our qualified team is ready to deliver your custom-made mobile app within short development cycle. We create modern, up-to-date applications to fulfill your business needs. We are proud to be among the finalists for the Best of Swiss App 2015 Award and Top 3 in the Best of Swiss Web 2016 and 2017: Mobile Category. Our clients include the Swiss Confederation, Groupe Mutuel health insurer, Ulysse Nardin watch brand, Rivella soft drink and Jet Aviation private jets.

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Mobile App Development

Website design

Our web developer agency in Geneva & Zurich offers website development solutions for a wide range of companies, from start-ups to Geneva and Lausanne based small business and industry leaders. We use the latest technology, making sure that every website has a responsive design and an easy-to-use content management system. Our web developers offer WordPress, Joomla, Drupal as well as custom-made sites, e-commerce (Worpress + Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Open Cart) , and specific mobiles sites with fresh designs. We were finalists at the Best of Swiss Web 2016 amd 2017 Award.

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Website Design Geneva & Zurich

Digital Marketing

We have a dedicated digital marketing team that can generate social media campaigns (Facebook, Intragram and LinkedIn advertising), Google Adwords search marketing, search engine optimisation, banners, videos, infographics and newsletters in multiple languages. We apply the latest digital marketing techniques and we always focus on effectiveness, which is much appreciated by our clients: P&G, Braun, Salerno & Associés, and Music Together, to name a few.

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Braun, P&G – Banner development

Braun (Procter & Gamble)


Mamastore – Google Adwords



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Digital Marketing

Some of our Clients


Yann Verdon
Rivella Brand Manager

Rivella – Beach Guide App

“Because of the professionalism of Swiss Tomato we were really happy with the traffic generated by the App. We can only recommend this firm!”

Julia Dennis
CABI in partnership with the Swiss Confederation

Swiss Confederation – The Plant Doctor Game for Milan Expo 2015’s Swiss Pavilion

“Their professionalism, technological skill and creativity helped bring this project to life. I recommend them to anyone looking for quality innovation on future projects."

Romain Robert-Nicoud
Ulysse Nardin, Marketing Manager

Ulysse Nardin – Skipper App

"They adapted everything we needed in the Skipper Application in order to reach Ulysse Nardin customers in the most efficient way and developed it cleverly."

Francesco Perlini
Founder of InterJob

InterJob App – the job search app for international organizations

“Swiss Tomato is reliable and precise in the deliverables, not only in terms of rapidity and proficiency, but also in terms of strategy.”

Jerome Thummel
Project Manager

Groupe Mutuel – Groupe Mutuel App

We develop our mobile application with them, all releases were on time with great quality. Very professional team and also very open minded to challenge and make very good propositions.


We are proud that people like and use what we craft, and that they talk about it too. Here are some important media appearances and reviews about our developments.

Why is the release of WordPress Gutenberg important ?

As many users are considering, Gutenberg is the first step towards a promising new future for WordPress.

Gutenberg is not just a new editor for WordPress, it is setting the stage for exciting developments. First of all, WordPress has a reworked block editor, which means also that it focuses on page templates and, in the final stage, WordPress becomes a completely customizable by the user. This gives us a huge number of possibilities.

This WordPress block editor unloaded in WordPress 5.0 arrived on December 6, 2018. By the plug-in Classic Editor we can still restore the old editor for the moment. The Classic Editor plugin is available until December 31, 2021.

How the WordPress Gutenberg works?

The usual platform is gone. However, the interface remained clean and clear. The writing environment is clean and everything works in blocks to help personalize the site even more. Once you get used to it, it’s easy to set up everything in a very simple way.

The concept of blocks

Previously, content was stored in larger HTML files that required expert intervention for each significant change or enhancement. Now we create the site more like a LEGO house. The instructions to be given are standardized and simple in order to be able to determine each part of the content. For example, in one click, you can change the block type to change its style according to the settings made previously.

There are also several types of default blocks in Gutenberg. For example: paragraphs, lists, quotes, images, galleries, shortcodes, buttons, etc.

Reusable blocks from Gutenberg

Reusable blocks are one of the most interesting aspects of the new WordPress editor. They can be managed as a complete block that you can save with its customized parameters among the default ones. For example, if you have created an attractive layout for the introduction of articles in your blog, you can save it as a reusable block. After that, just go to Add Block -> Reusable to choose your own reusable block. Or to cite a more complex example: when it comes to a multi-column article template with excellent typography for the most important blog posts? Or maybe a complete gallery where all you have to do is insert the images. In this case, if you want to modify one of the images, you will have to do it once, because each blocks with the same structure will be updated as soon as you press the Save button.

It can be said that WordPress 5.0 gives full control over all blocks in the hands of the user.


When Luxury Industry meets Virtual Reality

How can Virtual Reality influence luxury Industry? Virtual reality has grown a lot lately. Luxury brands are starting to recognize its importance, too.

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After the finalization of the graphic design, the website development happens more in the background. But what are the most important development platforms?

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