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Flutter App Development in Geneva & Zurich

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What is a Flutter app?

What is a Flutter app?

A Flutter app is a cross-platform mobile app development technology by Google, a solid, next-generation alternative to other cross-platform frameworks, such as React Native.

A Flutter app has its ready-made environment and a widget-based technology offering your business design-focused solutions.

Flutter apps in Switzerland are increasingly more popular as they feature a single code base, a native-like performance, and outstanding user experience.

What are the advantages of developing a Flutter app?

What are the advantages of developing a Flutter app?

The main advantage of developing a Flutter app for your mobile devices is its improved productivity and modern app designs. This means:

  • Reduced development time and costs, as you need only one code for the two apps
  • High performance, stability, and independence thanks to its own language called Dart
  • Great customization & user experience with ready-made, adaptive and customizable widgets
Flutter vs. React Native  App Development

Flutter vs. React Native App Development

The other leading cross-platform technology is React Native by Meta. Our key preference is Flutter as it outperforms React Native in many ways:

  • Flutter is now the leading cross-platform mobile technology
  • Improved startup time and overall performance
  • Delivers a better user experience
  • More control over the look and feel (user interface) of your mobile app both on iOS and Android platforms

If yet unsure ask yourself the question: would you rather provide your users an app with a technology backed by Google, like Flutter, or a technology powered by Meta?

Flutter Apps vs. Native Apps

Flutter Apps vs. Native Apps

When it comes to Flutter app vs. native mobile apps, limitations should be considered:

  • The lower adoption of Dart makes it more difficult to find a reliable tech partner
  • Can’t immediately react to the latest native changes
  • Less choice and support of third-party libraries and hardware APIs
  • A bigger app size, thus slightly slower at the start
  • The support for iOS is better with native technology, as Flutter is a Google product
  • Not good for larger or more complex solutions (including Bluetooth communication, advanced augmented reality, etc.)
When to develop a Flutter app?

When to develop a Flutter app?

Flutter is a modern, stable and performant technology that has a cost advantage over native app development as you can build your apps from a common code base.

Flutter can be a great solution for the development of low and medium-complexity mobile apps when the budget is an important factor.

Native technology might be a better choice for apps that have complex hardware-related features or where you don’t want to take any risks on performance and maintenance.

We at Swiss Tomato specialize in mobile app development both native and cross-platform. Each technology can be the right choice for developing a mobile application and we’d be happy to discuss your business idea.

Our app development case studies in Switzerland


Watches & Wonders

Watches & Wonders

A complex event app for the biggest B2B watch exhibition

MCI Share

MCI Share

A hotel ratings app for a major event agency



An app for a smart bottle that helps you clean the planet



Discover Mazda CX-30 with an AR/VR app

FDI (World Dental Federation)

FDI (World Dental Federation)

A questionnaire that classifies patients’ periodontal disease profile

Groupe Mutuel

Groupe Mutuel

App for one of the biggest health insurance company

La Liberté

La Liberté

A news app for Fribourg’s biggest newspaper

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Proudly recognised as an award-winning app & web development agency in Switzerland since 2015.

App development agency founded by 2 brothers

We’re a family-led web & app development agency in Geneva & Zurich who loves to help our clients grow with tailor-made outstanding digital solutions.

With the agility of a small agency combined with the expertise of a large one, we combine our passion for great design and cutting-edge technology to give you an unrivalled solution.

App development agency founded by 2 brothers
Daniel Racsko

Co-founder / Head of Operations

Norbert Racsko

Co-founder / Head of Client Relations

Why choose Swiss Tomato to create a Flutter mobile app in Switzerland?

Responsiveness and Flexibility

Rapid response time


Deliver mobile apps on time


Open workflow processes and regular updates during the process


Provide innovative solutions built on our solid expertise

A Team of A-players

A professional and experienced team of top-talent experts

Happy* Clients

Proud to have worked with amazing companies. Small business, start-up, or bigger company? Non-profit or international organization? No matter your size or industry, we’ve got you covered.

Groupe Mutuel
Frederique Constant
Ulysse Nardin
Canton de Geneve
United Nations
La Liberté
Advantages of Flutter mobile app development

Advantages of Flutter mobile app development

Outstanding performance
Improved startup time and overall performance

Modern UX (User Experience)
Next-generation technology and engaging design

Great customization
Design-focused solutions with ready-to-use widgets

Solid base for any future development

Common code base
Reduced development time and costs

The most reliable cross-platform technology backed by Google

Flutter app development timing and processes

Flutter app development timing and processes

A Flutter mobile app takes 3 to 6 months to develop depending on the complexity of your idea.

Discovery & scoping
2-4 weeks
Starting with a series of workshops we help to define the needs of your target audience and the aims of the mobile app, and identify the key functional blocks.

Structuring these functions according to priorities and working out a detailed specification document will become our guide when developing your mobile app.
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Mobile App wireframe & design
4-6 weeks
Based on the specification our experts will create the wireframe of your mobile app. With the help of our team’s go-to prototyping tool, Figma, we can visualize both the creative and functional parts, screen by screen.

Following your brand’s colors and guidelines we design a simple-to-use UX (User Experience) and a UI (User Interface) that can be used across multiple devices.
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Development of the Flutter app
6-12 weeks
Once the planning phase is over and we have the final specifications and wireframes, development can begin.

Our agency will assign a team of Flutter and back-end developers who will create a mobile app that is pixel-perfect and runs smoothly on different devices and operating systems.
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Testing and bug fixing
2-4 weeks
Our team will apply thorough testing methods to prevent any bugs. Testing the mobile app on various devices and operating systems, and following a predefined list of tasks to be performed are essential before handing it over for client testing.

Once the client finished the testing, we will eliminate the last bugs and get everything set for the launch.
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Publication of the Flutter app
Once the test phase is complete, we prepare your Flutter app for release and publish it to the app stores.

We will support you at launch as well: our agency will test the mobile app once more in the live environment and address any potential issues.

After that, your new Flutter mobile app will be ready to impress your users.
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For a pro Flutter mobile app, you need a pro team

For a pro Flutter mobile app, you need a pro team

Developing a Flutter mobile app needs experts with solid background and shared experience to deliver future-proof software.

Our Switzerland-based team is made up of account managers in Geneva & Zurich, supported by senior software engineers and designers based in Hungary.

Account & Project Manager
the one who manages the overall project from planning to delivery. He or she coordinates client needs and manages the design and development team to ensure the success of the project, with an outright delivery.
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UX/UI Designer
creates the wireframe of the mobile app and ensures the design is followed pixel-perfect by the developers
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Flutter front-end developer
knows and uses the Dart language to write the code for the UI (user interface) part of the mobile app
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Back-end developer
takes care of the server-side coding and makes sure that the app and the databases communicate seamlessly
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QA manager and tester
The QA team ensures that the all quality requirements are met ans that bugs are spotted and corrected before the software is shared with the Client.
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What are the costs to expect when developing a Flutter mobile app?

What are the costs to expect when developing a Flutter mobile app?

Though determined by multiple aspects, as a rule of thumb you can count on 300-1’500 work hours. The development cost is calculated by multiplying the number of hours by the hourly rate.

As you need a sizeable team of experts and quality time to create a high-performance mobile app, we formed a pro team based in Switzerland and Hungary to offer you exceptional quality for a fair price.

Since Flutter is a cross-platform technology, you can count on 25-30% fewer hours on front-end development compared to native development.

Development hours based on the complexity of the Flutter app

Development hours based on the complexity of the Flutter app

The complexity of your app will define the working hours needed and hence the budget you need to plan for the development of your Flutter app.

Let us give you some general estimations on the development hours needed based on complexity.

Simple Flutter mobile app
A simple mobile app with an already existing back-end takes 250-350 hours of development time and about 12-14 weeks timeframe.
Medium-complexity mobile app
A medium-complexity app presumes a limited number of functions that need to be developed both on the front-end and the back-end. For such a mobile app expect 350-550 hours and a development time of 14-16 weeks.
High-complexity mobile app
A Flutter app of high-complexity that has several special features – such as in-app payments, user management, complex content management module, integration of 3rd party systems – and an advanced back-end needs 650-1500 development hours and 5-7 months of development.

Starting your Flutter app development project

We would love to put our expertise at your service and become a partner in your Flutter mobile app project. The best way to start is to define your requirements by preparing a written brief. Either you can share yours or if you need some guidance, we will help you by sending our brief template that you can follow.

We have a solid, proven history of working on a variety of mobile app development projects in the Geneva and Zurich region and across Switzerland. Whether you are a start-up, a non-profit organization, or an established business, we are here to bring your mobile app idea live with the latest technologies and proven award-winning capabilities.

As we settle only with the best, by combining the flexibility of a small agency with the expertise of a big one we can provide the attention you need. Are you in?


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