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Blog on Webdesign and Mobile App Development


The importance of responsive design

Responsive design is a really important thing in the UX design nowadays. Everyone in the business knows that having a truly responsive design means good usability. But what does “responsive” even mean? What separates a well designed responsive website from the bad ones?   What is responsive? Responsiveness means we can adapt a screen to […]


Bring your app / web promo to the next level

Are you interested in an app or a web promo? Promo videos can help you emphasize your product and catch the eye and attention. The majority of internet traffic is already video based. People haven’t stopped reading text-based content, but it’s getting harder to capture and keep their attention. If you want to promote an […]


App and web prototyping

A prototyping tool allows designers, clients and project managers to collaborate better in a more effective way. Consulting on a wireframe or design was a really cumbersome and time consuming process before live prototyping tools. Series of meetings, emails or phone conversations were needed to reach the final design. Now we can collaborate on prototypes […]


Top 5 incredible trends in mobile apps for 2021

The pandemic has changed our vision of digital. The top 5 incredible trends in mobile apps are influenced by a couple of very new happenings. Social distancing, online classes, working from home and closed borders influenced a lot the evolution of digital connections and related apps. COVID-19 helped the digital world rethinking mobile strategy and […]


How to develop an award-winning app?

Every app developer would like to create an app that is featured by Apple and wins an award. Here is a case study of our award-winning app – Der Die Das. The app helps the German language learners to master the 3 articles: der, die and das. It is based on deep insight, German learners […]


Digitalization of content marketing

Sharing content is a way of storytelling and if we consider content marketing as a storytelling method to link the seller or service provider directly to the customers this is not a new approach in marketing.     Origins of Content Marketing The rise of content marketing can lead back to 1732 when Ben Franklin published […]


Digital natives and webdesign

Digital Natives (also known as Millennials) are perhaps the toughest of crowds to attract, since they are not just expecting the expected but yet want to be challenged and want to be captivated by uniqueness. Their attention spam will fall greatly if hit by the unoriginality. This generation screams, “creativity”, “storytelling” and “authenticity”, so as […]

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