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Why is the release of WordPress Gutenberg important?

Gutenberg is not just a new editor for WordPress, it is setting the stage for exciting developments. WordPress has a reworked block editor, which means also that it focuses on page templates and, in the final stage, WordPress becomes a completely customizable by the user.


When Luxury Industry meets Virtual Reality

How can Virtual Reality influence luxury Industry? Virtual reality has grown a lot lately. Luxury brands are starting to recognize its importance, too.


iPad App Development: latest news

Creating an iPad app is more and more useful with tablets growth and the different perspective from iPhone development. Since its beginning in 2010, the worldwide know Apple tablet has now 6 generations. It attracts developers specialized in mobile development who create sophisticated apps. Here are a few tips you shouldn’t neglect when you want […]


Our work process: the website development

After the finalization of the graphic design, the website development happens more in the background. But what are the most important development platforms?


Website development – CICAD

During the website development project, we created features such as creating connection with iRaiser payment services, calendar and bookstore that helps to access documents in a simple way for a better user experience.


Mobile application for Advisor Swiss Insurance

Swiss Tomato has developed the new generation of insurance application for Advisor Swiss Insurance : HEALTH COMPANION, a Health App for International Mobility


5 Facts you should know about Android tablet app development

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, its customized possibilities and the compatibility with apps, Android is the mobile platform the most used in the world. As a mobile agency and app marketing agency, Swiss Tomato developed several apps for Android. Here are a few advices for Android tablet development.

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