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How important is a professional website for a startup?

Website for startup- The success of a business is fundamentally linked to its communication. Successful communication means reaching the right targets using the right medium. The latter may vary from one marketing action to another, but one thing is certain, web presence is vital for every business.  Whatever your business activity, remember that your website […]


Common website design problems and their solutions

What are the most frequent website design problems ? The industry of webdesign in Zurich is in constant growth as companies recognize the value of a good online presence and the benefits that can bring to their businesses. Having said that, there are common website design problems found in a lot of businesses that can […]


iOS 15: the 10 new features of the iPhone update

New Apple iOS 15 features were announced at WWDC 2021, the all-online conference that takes place every year at Apple Park in California. 1. A new FaceTime experience with Shareplay With iOS 15, Apple wants to improve the experience of its users when they make a call on FaceTime. Spatial audio will render your voice […]


How to free up space on your Google account ?

Life will change a lot in your Google account soon. Let’s find out what you need to organise in order to be able to still benefit the most from its great advantages. What’s been changed on Google Photos on the 1st June? On Google Photos, each user has 15 GB of free storage by default. […]


Best practices in Fitness apps

What are fitness apps good for? In the golden age of fitness it is quite a task to choose an app to help you achieve your goals. There are a lot of options but there is certainly a handful that strictly follows certain rules that makes them leaders in the industry of fitness app development. […]


Apple on Climate Change

How climate change is being handled by a tech giant? Apple says to be completely carbon neutral by 2030, including its supply chain. To achieve this, the American giant is counting on the development of innovative solutions and promises to invest in projects to combat climate change. The company – which prides itself on being […]


The Awesome Search Based Website

Search based website development demands a very precise, methodical preparation and organization in terms of building the mechanics of the whole search engine. While putting together this type of website you first need to study the user journey and know exactly what the users are going to search for and what they are going to […]

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