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HTC Vive XR Elite – the next big thing in AR/VR?

The CES event is back, the biggest tech show in Las Vegas every January. One of the biggest new technology hits was the announcement of HTC Vive XR Elite, a brand new headset capable of both VR and augmented and mixed reality. Here is why it is now the biggest AR/VR gadget that is going […]


Top 5 Figma plug-ins for a better webdesign workflow

As a webdesign and mobile app development agency based in Zurich and Geneva we are always catching up with new tools to create the most trendy designs. Figma is our main choice for creating prototypes and the reason why we, as a web development agency, love Figma is because it provides a number of plug-ins […]


5 Common mistakes to avoid in UX/UI design

What is UX/UI design and why is it so important to get it right? Have you been recently to a website or app and you got frustrated navigating through them? If yes, you probably didn’t realize but you just had a bad user experience. Before we jump to the term “user experience” let’s first define […]


Best tools for a remote webdesign agency

As a remote web development and mobile app development agency in Geneva and Zurich it is important to stay connected with our team even from a distance. The challenges of remote working are usually compensated by the amount of tools out there to make our jobs easier than ever. As we replaced the traditional office […]


What is bad webdesign and how to avoid it?

Webdesign is the perfect harmony between usability and looks, it usually follows a structure and it contains design consistency throughout all pages. What constitutes a good web design is the way the user almost doesn’t notice it and navigates through it in a seamless way.  Bad webdesign is however extremely noticeable and it is guaranteed […]


PWA vs web app

Web app development Developing web apps has become more popular lately around the world but also in Switzerland, but there are a lot of uncertainties about what a web app is and how it compares to PWAs and mobile apps. We at Swiss Tomato, have been working on web and projects since 2014, so we […]


Website development costs

Most of our Clients like to gather some information on the possible cost implications before taking a decision on a possible website development project. Here we would like to share some general information how the final website development cost is built up and what are the key cost drivers. In this article you will find […]


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