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Blog on Webdesign and Mobile App Development

Web design – a road map to successful user journeys

Web design is like telling a story, user journeys are going accross it as you want to drive your audience seamlessly throughout the narrative until they reach the ultimate destination. The destination that you built specifically for them. When creating a web design, structure is key, you must build a skeleton strong enough to keep […]

Ultimate readability in web design

How to improve readability in web design ? Have you ever heard anybody saying: “People don’t read content anymore”? This is actually the sad truth about the majority of the people. In an era where content is thrown at you from everywhere at the same time, it is hard to imagine people would actually soak […]

Nr 1 limited targeted advertising features on Android

How can advertising features turn to a really useful tool ? Google’s aim is to prevent the free flow of individual user information. The changes will not be effective for two years, and Google hopes to manage to spare the advertising giants.   Google, following the example of Apple, wants to rethink its advertising targeting […]

App development cost in 2022

This article is to reveal the app development cost in 2022 in Switzerland, Western Europe or in the world – a question we get all the time. It is a bit like asking ”How much does a movie cost?”. If a university student shoots it with a hand-held camera it is $200, if it is […]

Apple wants to prevent its AirTag’s misuse

Airtag and misuse? Because evil spirits are using AirTag to track women, steal cars, or break into homes, Apple is going to update its tracker. Whether on Android or iOS, the presence of an unknown AirTag will be notified to the people being tracked, who will be notified more explicitly. Burglary, harassment, assault, car theft… […]

Life saving Apple watch – the ultimate proof of a med student!

In Australia, a medical student discovered that she had been suffering from a thyroid problem for several months. His Apple Watch had detected cardiovascular problems and the first signs of the pathology, but the notification is not activated by default. Instructions for the watch to warn the user of the first worrying signals. In this […]

Figma – Ultimate Powerful UX/UI Design Tool

Why do you need a performant UX/UI Design Tool? If you are remotely connected to the UX/UI design world you probably heard debates between design platforms such as Figma or Sketch. There are a lot of similarities between the two but Figma has been slightly ahead in the battle to become the ultimate powerful UX/UI […]

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