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Apple on Climate Change

How climate change is being handled by a tech giant? Apple says to be completely carbon neutral by 2030, including its supply chain. To achieve this, the American giant is counting on the development of innovative solutions and promises to invest in projects to combat climate change. The company – which prides itself on being […]


The Awesome Search Based Website

Search based website development demands a very precise, methodical preparation and organization in terms of building the mechanics of the whole search engine. While putting together this type of website you first need to study the user journey and know exactly what the users are going to search for and what they are going to […]


Best practices in educational apps

Educational apps development is arguably the new best way to learn on the go. In a fast world where people barely have time to breath, these learning apps are a great way to be productive without leaving the comfort of your home.  When it comes to educational app development, there are several learning topics in […]


UX/UI design rules for human approach

UX/UI design rules for human approach – The psychology behind great UX/UI One of the main perspectives of a great UX/UI design is the Connection with the user, that is probably the number one aspect you want to achieve when developing an app or a website. It’s that “fall in love at first sight” feeling […]


Page Experience Report to Search Console: the Ultimate Guide

What data is offered in the new Google Search Console report dedicated to assessing user experience?   Announced for mid-June 2021, Google’s Page Experience update, which will introduce web performance criteria to rank search results, comes with a new Search Console report.   The Page Experience report gives you an overview of the user experience […]


News app

Reading the news on your phone, in a news app has become the new normal as people rely more and more on their phones to stay informed. News providers everywhere suddenly realise the urgency of turning their news source into an online format and the competition is fierce. There are a lot of news app […]


Mobile devices vs. traditional online platforms

The world is changing and online platforms need to follow that changing. It’s clear that communicating to customers is becoming ever more complicated. A few years ago there were only a few touch points for brands to engage customers, today there are a huge number, due to new technology and changes in the consuming process.  […]

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