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App development cost

This article is to reveal the app development cost in Switzerland, Western Europe or in the world – a question we get all the time. It is a bit like asking ”How much does a movie cost?”. If a university student shoots it with a hand-held camera it is $200, if it is a Hollywood […]


Understanding UI UX Design: Key Trends in 2024

In our world today, user experience (UX) design is a crucial part of success when it comes to websites and applications. But what exactly is UI UX, and why is it so important in web and app development? In this article, we’ll delve into the world of UX design, explore its significance and uncover the […]


VR and AR Solutions for NGOS

VR and AR Solutions for NGOS – Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are revolutionary technologies that have made their mark across many different industries. The versatility of these technologies make a difference in innovation and provide a much more comfortable experience, while solving problems across borders. VR & AR are particularly used in medical as […]



The Metaverse is an alternative internet universe totally immersive that allows you to connect with other people in a unique way. This world will allow users to actually embody experiences and not just look at them through a screen. This technology is being developed further and further over the years and it’s becoming a real […]


Spark AR

Augmented Reality is a term we are very well familiar with now and it’s one of the most innovative technologies today. It is used in many different industries for many different purposes to create audience engagement efficiently. Knowing this, Facebook created a platform called Spark AR which allows users to create Augmented Reality filters and […]


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