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Blog on Webdesign and Mobile App Development


Latest trends on e-commerce mobile app development

E-commerce app development is in exponential growth, especially in the past few years. The demand for comfortable shopping increased significantly with the new generation of users. However, staying up to date with new trends and special features is imperative as the competition increases. This article will explore new ways to improve e-commerce app development in […]


Best Design Practises while developing an IOS mobile app

While developing a mobile app for IOS there are a few things to consider as to what are the best practises that would optimise your app performance and user experience. Design is a crucial step in any mobile app but when it does not suit the operating system, then you can have a very big […]


Victory! – Best of Swiss Apps 2019

We were looking forward to a promising night again this year at the Best of Swiss Apps Award Ceremony yesterday. The hard-working Swiss Tomato team has put together all its best to create the most efficient and easy to use apps with the greatest designs possible for its customers all along the year. We are […]


Best of Swiss Apps Award Night 2019

Our team is getting ready for the tomorrow Award Night of Best of Swiss Apps. We are proud to be among the finalists this year, as well. And especially that two of our apps are having the chance to be the best this year. The successes of the previous years make us believe that with […]


Best UX practises for Search based websites and app development

It can be easily overwhelming to navigate through a website or an app containing a heavy load of information. The common problem is often related to chaos and confusion on where to find the right information to fit the needs of each individual user. This article will shine a light on the best ways to […]


The use of the camera in mobile app development

You certainly heard of app development using mechanisms such as augmented reality, scanning and photo filtering. It is very much an up and coming trend even more noticeable in 2019. This comes with the increasing need of getting things fast at your fingertips without much mobility, which is quite appealing, especially to millennials. In this […]


The new and secret features of iOS 13

Apple shared the features of its new software iOS 13. The new iOS 13 will be available in a few months. Here the new and secret features to wait until the launch of the new software from Apple.

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