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Blog on Webdesign and Mobile App Development


The use of the camera in mobile app development

You certainly heard of app development using mechanisms such as augmented reality, scanning and photo filtering. It is very much an up and coming trend even more noticeable in 2019. This comes with the increasing need of getting things fast at your fingertips without much mobility, which is quite appealing, especially to millennials. In this […]


The new and secret features of iOS 13

Apple shared the features of its new software iOS 13. The new iOS 13 will be available in a few months. Here the new and secret features to wait until the launch of the new software from Apple.


Latest UI/UX trends in app development

We all know the importance of UI/UX design for a unique user experience that will stand the test of time. Since trends come and go, better get familiar with the latest trends in mobile app development for 2019.


Internet connection and domains

Several internet providers are at the service of Swiss to offer a mobile or fixed internet connection. But what are the main features of almost unlimited access to the information universe?


How to determine what a good travel budget app should look like?

What are the main criterias of the internet connections? Manage multiple budgets and trips in different currencies. Travel can affect multiple countries, each with its own daily and aggregate budget. Include an online currency converter, but you can also specify individual exchange rates.


Our work process: The User Guide

The User Guide is the most important tool when buying an electronic device or a new household tool, for example. Why would it be different in the case of a new website? What is User’s Guide? By definition, the user guide is a set of texts that describe the use cases and the different operations […]


Why is the release of WordPress Gutenberg important?

Gutenberg is not just a new editor for WordPress, it is setting the stage for exciting developments. WordPress has a reworked block editor, which means also that it focuses on page templates and, in the final stage, WordPress becomes a completely customizable by the user.

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