Case Study

Swiss Medical Network

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The Swiss Medical Network (SMN) is a leading network of private hospitals and clinics, offering a range of medical services across Switzerland. SMN is committed to precision, innovation and patient-centric care, combining cutting-edge technology with compassionate healthcare delivery.


The Challenge

As the Swiss Medical Network comprises multiple hospitals and clinics, it is important for them to provide the same level of care and hospitality to patients at all sites. This required the standardisation and education of healthcare professionals throughout the network.

SMN has decided to develop an educational web app, dedicated to excellence in care and hospitality, ensuring the highest standards of patient care. They recognise that providing exceptional care extends beyond medical expertise: it encompasses empathy, effective communication, cultural sensitivity and excellent hospitality.

The Challenge

The Solution

Swiss Tomato developed a web app for SMN which allows all healthcare professionals to educate themselves in proper etiquette, communication and care standards. Ranging from staff clothing, to communication with clients, everything is meticulously shared with employees at all stations.


To ensure a well-rounded education, departments are separated so each staff member can find the relevant information for their daily activities. Along with images and demonstrative videos, quizzes are available after each section, so users can test their newly acquired knowledge.

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The best in class web app developed by Swiss Tomato represents an important tool for the Swiss Medical Network in maintaining its exemplary standards of care. With fully responsive design and super fast loading time the app was very well received by the staff to provide better education.


Through intuitive navigation and engaging multimedia content, staff members can acquire new knowledge and refine their skills at their own pace and convenience. As a result, the web app serves as an important tool for SMN to deliver high quality care.


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