Case Study


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The customer, My Carrat, is a tech startup with a mission: to enable people to feel safe and to warn their loved ones in case of trouble.
To achieve this, the client has developed an application and a connected bracelet. With a single click, loved ones are warned of potential danger.


The Challenge

The customer was looking for UX expertise to present its functionalities in the best possible way. They also needed design expertise to adapt the overall branding to their target audience. It was important that the app’s universe inspires confidence in a family audience.

The Challenge
The Solution-left

The Solution

Swiss Tomato proposed a set of introductory screens to familiarise users with the various functionalities. The tutorial screens would introduce both the purpose of the app, but also its more specific features, such as the chat function, or how to add someone to one’s close circle so that they can be warned in the event of danger.
The agency also explored the graphic universe to create an inclusive environment through the photos and colours of the app’s design.
Swiss Tomato also ensured graphic consistency to then facilitate the work of the app’s development teams.

The Solution-right


The result is an app with fluid, intuitive navigation that’s easy for any user to use.
The application’s design, colours and photographic universe reflect the values of the company and its target audience.


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