Discover Mazda CX-30 with an AR/VR app


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The Challenge

Mazda is a leading automotive brand that is renowned for producing quality vehicles with an enviable performance record. Mazda unveiled its newest compact SUV, the Mazda CX-30, at the Geneva Motor Show. However, the car was only available for car dealers six months later, so a creative solution was needed to demonstrate the car and create pre-orders

The Solution

With Swiss Tomato’s help, Mazda developed an iPad app with augmented reality (AR) capabilities that allowed users to project the CX-30 onto any ground surface and customise it to their preferences. The app also offered a virtual reality (VR) experience in which users could explore the car through an Oculus Go headset. The result was a truly unique and unforgettable way for potential customers to interact with Mazda’s latest vehicle.


Mazda and its car dealers were thrilled with the apps’ success, which resulted in a significant increase in new prospects and selling more than 100 cars even before the car was available. Swiss Tomato’s innovative use of AR and VR technologies helped Mazda stand out in a crowded market and achieve the results they were looking for.

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