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New functions of the iPhones


During its last keynote, Apple presented three new iPhones. In this article we will explore the new functions and the new promises of the brand.

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The power of Hashtags


Created 10 years ago, the power of hashtags is undeniable. Here, a few tips to use them effectively during a mobile app development, the launch of a new product, an event…  

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Luxury and the use of influencers


A lot of brands are working with influencers. Thanks to them, companies can promote their products to future new customers. Let’s talk about the fact that luxury brands are always more interested about collaborating with influencers.

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The arrival of augmented reality ads on Facebook


Since Pokémon Go in 2016, the augmented reality is more and more used. Apple created a new version of ARKit (the ARKit 2 available with the iOS12) to encourage people to create AR apps. Now it’s the turn of Facebook to use augmented reality.

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Luxury and digital marketing


Luxury brands are more and more using digital marketing. However, digital and luxury weren’t made to become allies. Here, few things to improve the digital marketing strategy of your luxury brand. Read more

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