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Apple ARKit


Augmented reality apps are the future and Apple wants to be a large player in this new market: that’s why Apple created ARKit. Here, you will discover what is ARKit and how it works.

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Best VR Headsets in 2018


VR Headsets are more and more numerous. You can use them with your PC, your game console or even with your smartphone. It can be difficult to know which VR headset is the best for you. Here, is our selection of the best VR Headsets in 2018. 

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iOS 12 – What are the new key functions?


iOS 12 will be available in autumn to improve your iPhone and iPad experience. To wait until then, here are some of the new key functions.

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The arrival of voice assistants: Amazon and Google


Voice assistants are now available in more and more European countries. Here are some information about the voice assistants of Amazon and Google.

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Swiss Tomato was again recognized as one of the best app developers in Switzerland

swiss tomato

With the launch of the SIHH 2017 app, Swiss Tomato again received a finalist award for Best of Swiss Web (Meilleure du Web) 2017 in the mobile app category.

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