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Swiss Tomato was again recognized as one of the best app developers in Switzerland

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With the launch of the SIHH 2017 app, Swiss Tomato again received a finalist award for Best of Swiss Web (Meilleure du Web) 2017 in the mobile app category.

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New Ecommerce Site Developed for Natural Remedies – Swisslabnat


Swisslabnat is a Swiss webshop created by Dr. Philippe Pousaz and Angelo Santangelo, to treat illnesses and body aches using natural remedies. They are continuously researching new phytotherapy, phototherapy, plants and their synergy to create the creams and devices available on their webshop today.

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New website development for NGO – RHM


The Reproductive Health Matters (RHM) is a Swiss non-governmental organization promoting universal sexual and reproductive health and rights. Their main focus is publishing a journal of their research and analysis in seven languages, to spread knowledge, promote action and to inspire a new thinking.

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App launch for the biggest fine watchmaking exhibition in Geneva – SIHH


The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie is the biggest professional fine watchmaking exhibition in the world. For their 2018 public opening in Geneva, they were looking to update the official SIHH app created by Swiss Tomato in previous years.

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How to sell your app?


You have created your app, you know that it’s great, but do people know it exists or feel like they need it? To make that happen the next step is to let your target market know about it, make the app available and popular, and encourage them to download it.

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