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The Challenge

Novartis is a leading multinational pharmaceutical company that conducts clinical research and develops innovative treatments. The company is constantly seeking new and engaging ways to communicate its medical findings to doctors and other healthcare professionals in a way that is both informative and fun. One of the ways that Novartis has managed to achieve this goal is by partnering with Swiss Tomato, an award-winning app development agency that specialises in virtual and augmented reality solutions.

The Solution

Swiss Tomato developed an interactive, virtual reality (VR) platform for Novartis that allows users to experience a virtual operating room and see the effects of new medicine with their own eyes in a highly realistic environment. The platform features numerous interactive elements that allow users to explore the inner workings of the human body and understand the mechanics of its new treatment options. Using the platform, healthcare professionals can experience Novartis’ products and services, such as surgical techniques, in a safe, controlled, and immersive environment.


Thanks to Swiss Tomato’s virtual reality development, Novartis can provide doctors and other healthcare professionals with a unique and memorable experience that sets them apart from other pharmaceutical companies at medical conferences and other events. By using VR technology, Novartis is now able to bring medicine to life, demonstrating the practicalities of its products and services to healthcare professionals in an engaging and accessible manner via Virtual Reality. Ultimately, Novartis’ partnership with Swiss Tomato has helped the company to improve the understanding of its products and services, while also fostering stronger relationships with its target audience.


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