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Pest Smart Diagnostic Simulator: A Game-changing Application in Agriculture

CABI, known as the Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International, is a leading global entity that strives to improve lives by solving problems in agriculture and the environment. Through knowledge sharing, they aim to equip farmers with essential information and techniques, to increase productivity and resilience. One of their cutting-edge digital initiatives, the Pest Smart Diagnostic Simulator application, is creating significant waves in the agriculture industry.

Pest Smart Diagnostic Simulator: A Game-changing Application in Agriculture

Unveiling the Pest Smart Diagnostic Simulator

Pest Smart Diagnostic Simulator, developed in collaboration with the award-winning app development agency, Swiss Tomato, is a user-friendly, highly intuitive application designed to help agricultural workers identify and manage pest threats effectively. It caters to a broad spectrum of users, from individual farmers to agricultural organisations and institutions. This modern application has been designed to help combat the global issue of pests and diseases that significantly affect crop production, thus food security.

One standout feature is the simulator function, where users can visually imitate the symptoms of different pests and diseases on various crops. This simulation experience provides users with a hands-on understanding of how a particular pest or disease might impact a crop. Such interactive learning encourages users to be proactive in their pest management, potentially preventing significant crop damage before it happens.



Unveiling the Pest Smart Diagnostic Simulator

Core functions of the Application

The application’s primary function is to serve as an interactive diagnostic tool for identifying pests and diseases that might affect a wide range of crops. It contains a comprehensive database of pest species along with high-resolution images and descriptive information to aid identification. The application offers detailed control measure and management strategies for each pest, ensuring farmers can tackle any pest-related issue effectively.

Gamified Learning for Enhanced Retention

The Pest Smart Diagnostic Simulator application has been a success since its launch. Reviews highlight its usefulness, especially its interactive interface, its extensive pest database, and the value of the simulated pest experiences. Farmers appreciate the wealth of information at their fingertips, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly when pests are detected.


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