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Bucher Suter

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The Client

Bucher + Suter is an internationally recognised company tha specialises in integrating telephony and CRM systems, enhancing the cabalities of contact centers. Established in Switzerland, Bucher + Suter has carved out a niche for itself as a trusted partner to various enterprises by offering solutions that ensure smooth communication processes and improved customer experience. Their expertise encompasses a range of products and services, tailored to modernise and optimise the technological infrastructure of contact centers.

The Client

The Challenge

Swiss Tomato webdesign agency’s goal was to create an easily navigable, user-friendly, modern website that reflects Bucher + Suter’s premium values. The website has to fit perfectly in the client’s sales funnel by introducing the company, its products, and its services. In addition to the newly created strategy and design, it was our task to create the website with a very flexible CMS, allowing Bucher + Suter to add, remove or change any of the section’s contents in a later phase and add new pages as well as blog posts.

The Challenge

The Solution

Swiss Tomato designed a professional, modern and multilingual website, with a custom WordPress theme, specifically tailored to the client’s needs. Using ACF Pro to create a template blocks system that almost functions as a mini-page builder to give the Client the highest amount of flexibility when it comes to managing their website’s contents. This allows the Client to add several types of content to their website without risking their stability.

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The Bucher + Suter website is designed as a comprehensive platform to provide insights into Bucher + Suter’s offerings. The website showcases the firm’s extensive range of products and solutions, catering to businesses seeking to upgrade or integrate their telecommunication systems with advanced CRM tools.

It not only details the technical aspects of their services, but also highlights the real-world benefits they bring to enterprises, illustrated with case studies and testimonials. With the new design, clients and potential clients can easely access all the information they need prior to starting a partnership with Bucher + Suter, which with a young and colorful design encourages users to engage with the company.


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