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Be Part Of It

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The Challenge

Be Part of It is a very innovative art project where users could crowd-create a stunning piece of art. The idea was to re-interpret the famous statue of Venus de Milo, bringing this stunning statue from ancient times to the 21st century with the creativity of the crowd.

The Solution

We created a 4 million pixel image of the statue and users could select the pixels they wanted to recolor and create drawings, illustrations, and patterns on the surface of the statue. Each pixel cost 2 CHF and they could also select the charity where part of the funds would go.

The real innovative part of the concept was using web-based augmented reality (WebAR). Users could place the statue with all the custom drawings on it in their room, in the city, or wherever they were simply using their camera from the mobile phone’s browser. On computers, the public could visualize the statue as a stunning 3D model displayed on the screen.

By selecting at least 10 pixels users can have access to the NFT artwork and its auction. Once completed, the artwork will be sold at auction and contributors will have the chance to get their part of the sale back.


The project was recognized as the Top 4 most innovative web projects at the Best of Swiss Web competition (Meilleur du Web).


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