How to create professional website content?

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Your website is many times the first thing your potential clients/customers see about your company, and it says a lot about it.

It can make or break a business for you, if the visitors don’t find the information they need quickly, or find the structure of the website confusing, they will leave, but if they like what they see, they might become your future customers.

Here are some tips from the web developer experts at Swiss Tomato on professional website content and design:

1. Make it simple and structured

Make the information concise, and easily understandably even for those, who are not familiar with your business segment. You don’t need to list all the information about the company on the homepage, as it might look overwhelming, create separate pages for the different services/products you offer, so that visitors can go and read about the ones they are interested in.

Also think as if you are a visitor seeing the page for the first time, and create a structure that you think most people will find logical. Include bullet points with the most important information, that catch the eye.

2. Your products and services can be identified quickly

Make sure your visitors can find what you offer/sell really quickly on your website. You need to provide relevant information on your homepage, and then you can have subpages that are about your history, your team, and your successes, but most of the time when someone opens your site, they don’t care about these, so keep your landing page clutter-free.

3. It is about the customer

Remember, the content must be about the customers, their problems, their needs, and your solutions for these, how you can help them. Your business idea should be a solution to a real problem, so before the website development find out what it is, that you can solve, and describe it briefly, and explain why your product is the one that people experiencing this problem were looking for all this time.

4. Consider SEO

Never forget, that you want to appear on top of the Google search results, so during your website creation, keep in mind search engine optimization, and the keywords you want your webpage to appear for. Identify these keywords and create your texts around these. Only create keywords that are relevant for your business segment.

5. Stand out

In most cases you can be sure, that your business idea, while really great, might not be totally unique, and there are other companies who are selling the same products/services. This means that you need to state very clearly on your landing page why the visitor should choose you, why you offer more, than your competitors. If you can show examples (e.g. customer testimonials, or numerical data of your results), or proofs, even better. If not, don’t lie or create fake testimonies, just tell them your Unique Value Proposition, that you have worded carefully to be eye-catching.

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