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Unity Development Agency Services

Since 2012, Unity has been one of the best gaming and application development engine for developing 2D and 3D games but desktop and touchscreen applications as well with good efficiency and catch aesthetics.

Unity’s crown advantage is that is was optimized to output code to mobile devices. With only a bitesize of additional development, we can create desktop and mobile applications simultaneously, which directly converts into efficiency!

Wielding Unity as our weapon of choice, it becomes possible to develop apps that converge augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and their mix variations alike. The only limit to keep in mind is the visualization: the device’s performance that will run the app is the single determining factor.

Unity, right from the start

Ever since 2012, Unity has been a prevailingly popular engine for building games and applications. Not only does it offer to build 2D and 3D games, but also desktop apps to be used with touchscreens. Unlike its rivals on the market of software engines, it features output formats pre-optimized for mobile devices, thus developing desktop and mobile-friendly solutions can be done parallel. As VR gradually gains more and more popularity, and so does augmented reality, with the newest mixed media solutions also in tow, Unity will become an even more valuable tool for the trade. The visual possibilities are only kept in check by the devices’ graphics performance that will be running the end product. By today the physical simulations are also elaborated to their fullest, meaning the complexity of apps buildable within Unity will go only one way: up!

Our company started experimenting with Unity as a forerunner in the international software community and we’ve provided valuable input for its makers to create their product to be what it is, transitionally making our position well established in the developer market. With more than 500 development projects behind us, our research work and coding competences became strong enough to tackle tasks of prestigious clients successfully.

To provide a display of Unity’s potency, we put together examples of games built on the platform.

World famous games made with Unity:

  • Assassin’s Creed Identity for iPad and iPhone – iOS
  • Alto’s adventure for iOS and Android – iOS, Android
  • Firewatch for Mac, Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – Link
  • Hearthstone for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS – Link

Swiss Tomato serves clients with Unity

We help our clients broaden their vision. Our core value is constant learning; we tirelessly seek out new tech and Unity-compatible devices, we teach ourselves to use them and thereby make ourselves a container always full of fresh ideas ready to be unleashed.

Swiss Tomato in a nutshell
Swiss Tomato provides full-service project management starting from seeding an idea to the developed project’s final handover. We provide long-term support and functional care after handovers.

Swiss Tomato also provides native app development in those cases when Unity is not the best choice for the development.

If you need an expert team for Unity or any kind of app development, please contact us!

Process and timing:

Creating a new application takes around 3-6 months, this depends on the complexity of the app. Our developer agency uses agile development (2-week sprints with defined development tasks) or the waterfall development method, which consists of 5 key steps:


Specifying the functions needed together with our customer

2-4 weeks
App design & Wireframe

Developing design and wireframe proposals

2-4 weeks
App development, coding

Developing the app after the approved design and wireframe

6-12 weeks
Testing and bug fixing

No stones unturned

2 weeks
Publishing the app in the App store & Google play

1 week
2-4 weeks
2-4 weeks
6-12 weeks
2 weeks
1 week


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