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Search Engine Optimisation for Small and Mid-sized companies

Do you want your company, your products and services to be found on the internet? Nothing boosts your business more, than to be on the first page of Google’s search results. Also small and mid-sized companies can achieve to have a good ranking in the search results, they just have to pick the right strategy. Our search marketing experts provide holistic search engine optimization approach, including on-site and off-site optimization.

SEO Process

SEO is a continuous process and also in the beginning it takes longer time, even 3-6 months till the first results are visible. SEO can be divided into 3 key parts: keyword analysis, on-site optimisation and off-site optimisation.

Keyword analysis

The whole search engine optimisation process has to start with a keyword analysis, which means that we have to find the right keywords for which we will optimise the given website. Google already has a very good tool for this, the keyword planner tool. With the help of this tool we can analyse that for a given word or phrase how many searches there are in a month on average and also how fierce the competition is for that keyword. The stronger the competition, the harder it will be to achieve good ranking. The end result of the keyword analyses is that we have a list of around 5 top keywords in a given topic, which we will use when optimising the website’s content and structure.

Once the keywords are set the SEO can be divided into two independent processes: the On-site search optimisation and the off-site optimisation.

On-site search optimisation

On-site optimisation consists of two main parts, the site has to be technically perfect and up to date and the content of the website has to be optimised as well. For the technical part we make sure that the right plug-ins are installed, the right site structure and sitemap is in place, the site has a responsive design and we will also optimise all the content to boost the site speed.

Regarding the content we check the keyword density, correct use of titles and headers, and ensure that the right type of content and internal links are implemented. It is important to have a lot of different content like text, videos, pictures and that is refreshed as often as possible. On-site search optimization is the basis of successful search marketing.

Off-site search optimization

Google ranks a page higher if other relevant, important sites feature links of the given page. The relevant sites, blogs have to be identified, and then digital PR or paid collaborations are needed in order to feature articles about the page in order to be optimized. It could be also a good solution to approach the different partners to exchange links. It is important though to have links at quality websites only, because to have a link at a link cemetery can even harm your ranking. Building links is a continuous process, because here it is also valid that the more up to date a link is, the better.

Do you want to improve your business by being found by the search engines? Contact us and we will help you with the whole process from the beginning!

SEO is a must for every company on the long-run, but if you would like to get new leads by tomorrow, then Google Adwords could be a perfect tool for you.


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