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Swiss Tomato is an enthusiastic mobile app development agency and finalist at the ‘Best of Swiss Apps Award’. Along with clients like the Swiss Confederation, Jet Aviation, P&G, HP, Rivella and Swiss watches, we also work with start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses of Switzerland. One of our key specialties is app development for devices like the smartwatch. Our expert team of developers are happy to help you with your needs.


Smartwatch applications

Despite the large number of available apps in the App Store and Google Play, there are quite few applications designed for smartwatch users. This means that companies who develop a great app for smartwatches can have a competitive edge. Although it is important to mention that smartwatch applications are not appropriate for every use.

Smartwatch apps are extremely popular in health and sports. Just think of apps like Nike+ Run, Runtastic or Endomondo, which allow you to measure your progress, pulse and blood pressure while wearing just one watch. Besides fitness applications, smartwatch platforms are perfect for getting directions, using voice search or for playing music; for example, Shazam is also available for Android Wear and watchOS2. We developed a smartwatch app for skippers that lets you see your boat’s speed and distance travelled, as well as the closest marinas.

WatchOs and Android Wear apps

The hardware used in smartwatches is diverse. Apple is a major player with watchOS, but Samsung, LG and Motorola have a large market share too. Those seeking to buy a smartwatch should know that watchOS is only compatible with iOS while Android Wear can be used for both platforms, though there is a limitation on devices and functionalities.). Although today more and more traditional watch companies create smartwatches with pre-installed applications, users cannot customize them.

When it comes to developing a smartwatch app, there are two basic methods. The first one is a smartwatch app extension (like in the case of Runtastic), which means that an application is compatible with smartphones and smartwatches too. The second method is where developers create a separate application only for smartwatches (like Evernote). It is logical that one compatible application would attracts more users, so it has more reviews and downloads.

Smartwatch app development with Swiss Tomato

Swiss Tomato Agency is among the best Swiss app developers, as we provide professional and unique solutions that blend with your ideas, helping you achieve your business goals. Our team in Geneva, Switzerland will be able to meet all your expectations and create incredible designs kept up to the latest trends, ensuring the highest swiss quality. We were among the finalists of the Best of Swiss App Award, and it is all because we provide clear, optimised UX interface, modern design and innovative solutions.

Why work with us?

  • We have plenty of experience with apps in luxury, FMCG, finance, food, electronics, startups, government agencies, etc.
  • We work closely with the client, so that we can create exactly what they imagined their app to be
  • We have a proven internal process, which speeds up development so we can create your app within 3-6 months
  • We can help you in the specification phase to get the most out of your app idea
  • We use all the latest technologies, including wearable and smartwatch app development
  • We pay attention to design, UX and UI
  • We will do everything to achieve maximum client satisfaction

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