Best watch apps to check out

best watchapps

If you love quality wristwatches, you must love looking at the collections of the famous brands, and the easiest way is to check out their products and learn more about them is on your smartphone. More and more big watch companies come out with their own app, where you can see their catalogues, look into all the features of the watches, customize your own watch and even get to know their history. We listed 5 interesting watch apps we think are worth downloading.


Vacheron Constantin ‘Sound Of Time’ app

vacheron constantin

This is a really unique app. What makes it unique apart from its outstanding design is that it is not a simple catalogue. Sound of time lets you listen to the sound of different watches from the early nineteenth century pocket watches to the latest inventions. You can see and hear all the amazing watches of the brand while learning about their history. The app is just as high quality as the watches they sell. Available for Android, iPad and iPhone.

Chopard ‘My Happy Sport’ app


This app targets Chopard’s female customers. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Chopard’s iconic Happy Sport ladies watch collection, the brand came out with this app, in which you can customize your Happy Sport watch, and by customizing, I mean all parts of it. You can choose the strap, the dial, the case and all the moving elements. Who wouldn’t want to have a watch that is one-of-a-kind? Available for iPhone and iPad.

Patek Philippe ‘Patek Steel’ app

Patek Philippe

This app is actually a book, you can read Patek Philippe Steel Watches by John Goldberger in a convenient app format. You can learn all about the experience and history of the Patek Philippe brand in the 440 pages and twelve chapters of the book, all about their models going back in time from the current models, illustrated with professional photographs. If you are a real watch enthusiast, this is definitely the app for you. Available for iPad.

Montblanc Timepieces app


As they put it: the app is “part biography, part chronography and all beautiful”. It really is. You can check out their collection of over 110 watches with 3D images, but you can also learn about the history of Montblanc through videos, images and stories. What makes the app stand out however, is the feature that allows you to measure your wrist size with ©True View, and you can virtually try on the watches you prefer to see if it fits you without going to the store. Available for iPad.

Breguet Magazine app


The magazine, Le Quai de l’Horloge is published annually, and it offers an insight into the world of Breguet watches. You can read about the history of the brand, its philosophy and new developments, the life and the inventions of its founder, and technical details, all illustrated by videos, panorama pictures and audio files. The latest version of the app is the 5th issue of the magazine, and it talks about the Tradition collection and the Marine line. Available for iPad.

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