What’s new in Android 8.0 Oreo?

android 8.0

Launched in August 21st 2017, Android 8.0 bears the name of the famous biscuit Oreo as a wink at the solar eclipse that occurred that day. Here are some changes you’ll find when updating your Android device.

Picture-in-Picture: Oreo’s main theme

iOS users already know this feature that finally arrived in Android: the possibility to use 2 apps at the same time. If you’re in an office meeting on Skype on your phone and you need to quickly go through your texts without losing sight of your colleague, it’s now possible. The reduced video will still be displayed in the corner of your screen and you’ll be able to consult whatever you need.

Android Autofill: a gain of time

Your login details can be filled automatically on your apps with Android 8.0 thanks to Autofill. Of course, you can still control it by giving your permission or not. Thanks to Autofill, you’re able to quickly go through your apps without losing time in typing login credentials.

Notification snoozing: do not disturb

It’s always a bit awkward when you’re showing off some work on your phone and a notification appears that can be read by everyone. Thanks to the possibility to put your notifications in snoozing mode, you can silent them for a given time and avoid having your private life exposed.

Android Instant Apps for fast users

Android Instant Apps allows you to use an app without having to install it on your device. This means a gain of time and phone memory. You can now access an app easily; for example when you’re reading an article headline and want to read more on the news app: no need to install it or to give up.

Reduced activity in background

This is one useful update in Android 8.0. With the background activity smartly filtered (your device knows which app you use and don’t), you can see a real change on your battery level. It’s a significant economy. What’s more, it makes your phone run faster.

There are of course many other novelties that you can discover when updating your phone to Android Oreo. Its promise? Your phone is a hero!

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