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Webshop development for small and mid-sized companies

Webshop development is one of the key expertises of Swiss Tomato. We offer E-commerce solutions for every special need starting from small startups to mid-sized companies. All of our webshops have an easy to use content management system, responsive design and integrated payment methods. Swiss Tomato can help you to start your new business or to expand your existing business online.

Webshop Creation - Why to pick Swiss Tomato

  • Customized solutions tailored to your business needs
  • Proven best in class technological capabilities
  • Quick & flexible execution, we will take all the project management from you so you can concentrate on your own business
  • Competitive prices

Webshop Development Options

Different solutions for different requirements. As a first step it is very important to specify the requirements of the webshop together with our Client. The offered solution depends on how complicated the webshop is, how many items will be handled and what kind of other special functions are needed.
Generally there are three solutions which we propose to our clients depending on the specification.


WordPress with Woocommerce plugin:

WordPress is one of the most commonly used website platform. This platform is very easy to set up and to adjust it to our requirements. It has an excellent Content Management System which enables to create new post, pages very easily without any development. The woocommerce plugin grants all the webshop services, which are needed. WordPress is a perfect choice in case of smaller webshops.



Magento is the leading platform for webshop development. This platform has been developed for the management of large webshops. It can handle large numbers of products eg: 500+. It also has a very good CMS. It is a bit more complicated to set up in the beginning, which needs extra development. This solution is suggested if the webshop function is the key function of the site and site has to handle large number of products.


Custom Webshop:

We suggest to develop a custom webshop, if there are really rare and special functions which the webshop has to handle and the above mentioned solutions do not cover these functions.

We make sure that your web shop is search engine optimised and we will build in tracking functions, so you see how your sales process performs.

Webshop References

1875 Finance – The balance between tradition and modernity

1875 Finance

The balance between tradition and modernity

Porsche – Book a service appointment in seconds


Book a service appointment in seconds

UNIDIR – Effective interactive map solution


Development of the cyber policy portal with an interactive map solution

Bucher + Suter – the supreme level of variability

Bucher + Suter

The supreme level of variability

BCC Programme – stylish but also functional NGO website

BCC Programme

Stylish but also functional NGO website

Lafleur Wines – E-commerce site

Lafleur Wines

An e-commerce website selling premium wines

Process and timing:

Webshop development takes usually 3-4 months and one of the key factors determining the production time is how fast the content can be created together with the client. There are four major phases of online store development:


Specifying the functions needed together with our customer

1-2 weeks
Web design

Developing design and wireframe proposals

4-6 weeks
E-commerce development

Developing the app after the approved design and wireframe

3-5 weeks
Testing and bug fixing

No stones unturned

2 weeks
1-2 weeks
4-6 weeks
3-5 weeks
2 weeks


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