Web & App development for NGOs and Non-Profit organisations

Swiss Tomato is a family-led web and app development agency in Geneva and Zurich with extensive knowledge in catering for the needs of NGOs and non-profit organisations in a flexible and cost-effective way, thanks to our previous experience with 20+ non-profit clients.

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Wordpress development

WordPress development

Our web agency is an expert in creating beautifully crafted webites using WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world.
Drupal development

Drupal development

Our web design agency recommends using Drupal for more complex websites. Drupal is especially well suited for non-profit clients.
App development

App development

Our app development company develops cutting-edge mobile apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch) leveraging native (Swift) or cross-platform (Flutter) technology

Extensive expertise and proven processes in working with NGOs and Non-Profits

Check out our non-profit and NGO references


TES Foundation

TES Foundation

A website to promote eye surgery training



An app to help tackle pests in agriculture

BCC Programme

BCC Programme

Stylish but also functional NGO website



An extensive online library for security sector governance


We are an award-winning mobile app development agency ever since 2015

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  • Functionality silver
  • user engagement bronze
  • innovation bronze
  • enterprise bronze
  • AR/VR Top 5
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  • mobile winner
  • 2× innovation top 4
  • 3× mobile top 4
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(TOP 0.2%)

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and above all
– loved by clients

We are a family business, founded by 2 brothers

Advising non-profit and private clients in the last 10 years in digital transformation & IT development. Since we are a family business, it is our name on the line, so we work harder and smarter.

We are a family business, founded by 2 brothers
Daniel Racsko

Co-founder / Head of Operations

Norbert Racsko

Co-founder / Head of Client Relations

Flexible development

Medium Sized agency – which means we have the flexibility to adapt to your needs

Cost effective

We want to make sure you have the product that will help you continue your NGOs valuable work, to help out, we have special NGO rates

Discovery Phase

We are your partner, not just a supplier! With a discovery phase we will help you solve the details and answer your questions

Lots of experience

Proven experience with NGO and Non-Profits, as can be seen in our many references

Happy Clients*

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International organisations


What our clients say

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Swiss Tomato did a fantastic job redesigning our website within budget and to deadline. Great to work with, I would recommend them without hesitation.

Chris Galvin
Chris Galvin
Head of Communications & Outreach
ICoCA (NGO in Geneva)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I worked with Swiss Tomato on two complex IT projects a mobile app development with back-end and a Drupal based website development. We were very happy with the work of Swiss Tomato, they were proactive on how to translate our business needs into working IT Solutions. We were very satisfied with the proposed UX/UI solutions as well. I would be glad to recommend Swiss Tomato for web and mobile application development projects.

Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor
Director Education & Public Health
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We feel very lucky to have found Swiss Tomato. They have ran our website redesign project to a very high level, and we’re grateful for their partnership. They’ve shown themselves to be experts in everything from design and UX to front and backend development, all the while carefully managing the project and the stakeholders on both sides of the aisle. Amazing value, can’t recommend them enough!

Richard Henke
Marketing manager
Bucher + Suter
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Can only but highly recommend them. Used them twice for previous engagements to completely revamping established websites. A breath of fresh air and emphatic customer service. The Swiss Tomato guys are fast, a pleasure to work with, patient and fun. In-depths know-how and always ready to share and to support. Great experience.

Beate Vetter
Beate Vetter
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Very good project follow-up and very warm and professional contact

Vincent Charrière
Vincent Charriere
Communication project manager
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The experience of developing our project with Swisstomato has been highly satisfactory. With an excellent and professional technical team, at the same time flexible and always listening to our needs and expectations. A learning process that has brought us a result that meets our expectations. We would work with them again if the opportunity may arise.

Claudia Caicedo
Claudia Caicedo
Program manager
UPR Info
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Top Agency. Already worked with Swiss Tomato for various projects. always innovative and following the latest trends, Swiss Tomato has created intelligent and effective campaigns fitting my needs.

Placeholder: Romain Robert
Romain Robert
Marketing manager at
Ulysee Nardin
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Swiss Tomato est une agence très professionnelle qui a aidé le journal La Liberté à faire sa transition vers l’information digitale en développant une application de grande qualité. Un vrai plaisir d’avoir pu collaborer avec cette agence.

Armand Goy
Armand Goy
Marketing director
La Liberté
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Swiss Tomato designed and built a new website based on our new strategy. I really appreciated the hard work put in by all the team and the phenomenal product that resulted. In particular, I appreciated the design ideas, suggestions and their capacity to find solutions quickly and efficiently. Well done Swiss Tomato!

Daniel Ahlers
Managing Partner
Centre for Coaching
The Process

The Process


Whether you’re enhancing an existing website or starting from scratch, trust Swiss Tomato for:

  • Definition of needs, goals and objectives
  • Analysis: can include contextual analysis, UX workshops, competitive analysis, etc
  • Personas and user journeys
  • Specifications creation
  • Wireframe and graphical prototype (UX/UI Designs)

A visual representation of a website’s structure, graphical prototype displays the visual and interactive elements of the user interface.

    • We adhere to your organisation’s branding guidelines to ensure the website authentically reflects your mission.
    • For those without established branding, we craft a unique logo and brand identity that resonates with your organisation’s essence.


At Swiss Tomato, we dive deep into the realm of development, ensuring every project is a harmonious blend of innovation, functionality, and user-centric design.

  • Utilising the latest technologies and methodologies
  • Tailored digital solutions to your unique needs
  • Collaborating closely to ensure your vision is accurately realised


  • Implementing rigorous testing phases for functionality and user experience
  • Addressing and resolving potential bugs or issues
  • Ensuring the platform operates seamlessly across all devices and browsers


  • Ensuring a smooth and hiccup-free platform launch.
  • Offering post-launch support and maintenance.


  • Yearly maintenance support to ensure your website and application are secure and offer exceptional user experience
  • Includes bug fixes, browser and plugin updates
How long does it take to develop a website or an app?

How long does it take to develop a website or an app?

If you’re working with a high quality web agency, depending on the size of your website/application the creation of a website will take between 4 and 6 months, depending on its complexity.

Developing a high quality but simple website can take between 150-200 hours, whilst a more advanced website can easily involve upwards of 300-600 hours of development time. Ultimately the number of hours it takes to develop the website will define the final price.

We know that you would like to have your website as fast as possible, but based on our 10 years of experience in the field, this is the time you need for a quality website.

What features should an NGO/NPO include in a website?

What features should an NGO/NPO include in a website?

For an NGO/NPO website, it’s essential to have certain features that resonate with the organisation’s mission and connect with the audience. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Engaging Design: Your website should have a modern and user-friendly design, ensuring visitors are not only attracted but also feel a connection to your cause.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Incorporating a clear navigation system and structured website layout helps donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders easily find the information they’re looking for.
  • Detailed Organisation Profiles: Detailed pages outlining your organisation’s mission, the passionate members, and the hardworking team can foster trust and transparency.
  • Mobile Optimisation: With the rise in mobile internet users, it’s imperative that your site is easily accessible and navigable on mobile screens, allowing everyone to connect to your cause on the go.
  • Insightful Analytics: Integrating analytics will allow you to gain insights into user behaviour, helping you adapt strategies to ensure maximum outreach and engagement.
  • Easy Communication: A contact form is essential, making it simple for supporters and interested parties to reach out and engage with your organisation.
  • Regular Content Updates: A dedicated blog with frequent article updates keeps your audience informed about the latest happenings, milestones, and stories from your NGO/NPO.
  • Upcoming Events: An event calendar ensures that supporters and interested individuals are well-informed about any upcoming activities, campaigns, or events.
  • Global Impact Visualisation: For NGOs/NPOs with a global footprint, a map view can be instrumental in visually highlighting the locations of your impact or showcasing where your members are making a difference worldwide.
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How much does it cost to develop a website or app?

How much does it cost to develop a website or app?

Depending on the complexity of a website or app the price and development time varies significantly. The costs are calculated based on the hours of development a project requires.

  • Low complexity, simple introduction website: 180-250 hours, roughly 3-4 months
  • Medium complexity website: 300-600 hours, roughly 4-6 months
  • High complexity website with advanced modules: 600-800 hours, can take 6-8 months to complete or more.

Websites are most often developed using WordPress or Drupal. The hourly fees for Drupal development are 15% higher compared to WordPress.  You can read more about the topic in our article about website development costs.

Mobile Applications are similar in the sense of costs being calculated based on the development hours, these can range between 250-1’500 hours depending on complexity. Find out more in the app development cost article.

Swiss Tomato’s team combines Switzerland-based experienced account managers with experienced developers and designers in Budapest to provide you with the best value.

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Why is a website important for an NGO/NPO?

Why is a website important for an NGO/NPO?

A website is for an NGO/NPO a strong medium to communicate about your organisation, your cause and your stakeholders. A good website will build your profile as an organisation, create trust from your funders, build advocacy and engage the community.

Your website often serves as the initial touchpoint for supporters and interested parties with your organisation.

By the time an individual reaches out to your NGO/NPO, they’ve already done significant research and have formed opinions. Most of their information gathering happens online. A well-designed and easily navigable website is fundamental for those looking to understand and potentially support your cause.

On the other hand, an outdated or non-responsive website design can deter potential supporters. Studies, including one from Adobe, highlight that 38% of individuals disengage from websites with unappealing layouts. It’s crucial for an NGO/NPO to represent its mission effectively online.


A good website will increase your conversion rates A customer’s entire purchase journey could begin and end on your website if its design sufficiently support that. This means creating content and optimising the design for every step of your sales funnel. Our experienced team of web designers will tailor calls-to-action, opt-in forms, and other design elements to fit your customer’s expectations every step of the way. Alternatively, a website with poor design choices might not have a clear path for a consumer to follow. Without an obvious answer to the question of what to do next, consumers lose interest in short order. A shocking 70% of small business websites don’t implement calls-to-action on their homepage and throughout their website. What a missed opportunity…

A good website will increase the impact of your organisation

A supporter’s or donor’s journey, from awareness to contribution, can be seamlessly navigated on your website if it’s designed with that intent in mind. This entails curating content and refining the design to guide them through every phase of their engagement journey.

Our skilled team of web designers is dedicated to customising calls-to-action, opt-in forms, and other design aspects to meet the expectations of your supporters and donors at each stage.

Conversely, a poorly designed website might lack a clear pathway for supporters or donors to tread. When faced with the uncertainty of their next step, interest wanes rapidly. It’s alarming that 70% of NGO websites don’t incorporate clear calls-to-action on their homepage and across their sites. Such an oversight is a considerable missed chance for deeper engagement.


Your web presence reflects your brand One of the most important online marketing tools in your playbook is your website. As such, the content of your website is a key channel in communicating your brand identity to audiences. Advertising and outreach that leads back to landing pages within your site can continuously reinforce your brand to consumers. Failure to line up your website with your brand image creates confusion. Faced with a disconnect between your brand image and your web presence, audiences tend to lose confidence in your business.

Your web presence reflects your organisation

Your website stands as one of the most pivotal online marketing instruments for your NGO/NPO. Consequently, its content is instrumental in conveying your organisation’s ethos and identity to your target audience.

Promotions and outreach activities that funnel back to specific pages on your site serve to consistently reaffirm your brand to both regular supporters and potential donors.

An inconsistency between your website and your brand identity can sow seeds of doubt. When confronted with such a disparity, audiences often find their trust in your organisation wavering.

What are the technologies to consider for a website?

What are the technologies to consider for a website?

WordPress development: The most widely used CMS in the world, thanks to its fast loading times, SEO optimised content and user-friendly, simple CMS. Well suited for non-profits and up to medium complexity websites, supporting up to 5 languages and 100 pages. WordPress websites are cost effective and have the fastest development time.

Drupal development: Very robust CMS, widely used by non-profits and larger organisations. As it is an open-source technology, it is always up to date, providing excellent performance and first-class security. Drupal development is perfect for multi-country, multi-language websites, however they are more expensive than WordPress websites.

Custom or web app development: Some projects require a custom development strategy. For this our web design agency suggests custom development with PHP, Javascripts, VueJS, React and NodeJS. In custom development everything can be personalised to fit your needs.

Mobile app development: Developed for Android and iOS platforms, highly used by NGOs and NPOs worldwide. You can choose to either develop a mobile app that can be downloaded from the app store using native or cross-platform technology, or you can instead opt to develop a web app that runs through the browser with app-like navigation.

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