Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality App Development

Use modern technological inventions and impress your clients. Swiss Tomato is an expert in AR/VR App development. We are proud that we were finalists at the ‘Best of Swiss Apps Award’. We work with start-ups, small & medium-sized businesses, and industry leaders of Switzerland. Our expert developer team is happy to create your AR or VR App.
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Virtual Reality App Development
Virtual Reality App Development

Virtual Reality Apps

Using different methods, VR technology can be used for visualizing 3D models, images and data. With VR apps, the user feels like they are in an other reality. Virtual reality is a great new marketing tool used to gain the attention and long-lasting loyalty of customers. These unique experiences are remembered and shared by the customers, which is why you should also consider having a VR app.


VR apps can be used for the following:

  • Virtual tourism app,
  • Virtual tours of houses and other environments,
  • Car industry - virtual car showroom,
  • Healthcare,
  • Sponsored event VR apps,
  • Education,
  • Scientific and engineering data visualisation,etc.
  • Visualisation of 3D product modells

Augmented Reality Apps

You've heard about the immense success of Pokemon Go, right? This app shows that merging reality and images into an app can really excite the customers. The other form of augmented reality, marker based AR, is, for example, commonly used in the form of QR codes.
AR apps can also be used for business purposes, bringing your brand to the next level! Marker based AR (augmented reality that appears on products triggered by a marker symbol) is currently being used by many companies. Ikea, for example, uses it in their yearly catalog, and Siemens presents their new products in augmented reality brochures.


AR can be used in many fields:

  • In museums and art galleries, to let you know more about the exhibited pieces
  • In furniture shops, to help you imagine how products would look in your own house
  • In the real estate business
  • Car industry - virtual car showroom
  • To enhance training and other educational purposes
  • For industrial maintenance
  • As a virtual fitting room for clothing shops, allowing customers to check what colors and styles would suit them
  • To make your brand known and more likeable, and to achieve a closer customer relationship by creating an augmented reality gaming experience (advergaming), etc.

Augmented Reality App Development
Augmented Reality App Development

Why choose us?

AR/VR app development requires cutting-edge technologies. The experienced developers at SwissTomato, together with our special partner ARWorks, are able to create high quality and unique AR and VR apps for your business that will impress your customers and partners.

  • We have experience across many industries: luxury, FMCG, finance, Swiss watches, food, electronics, start-ups, government agencies, etc.
  • We will work closely with you so we can create your app exactly as you had imagined it
  • We can create your app within 3-6 months
  • We use all the latest technologies
  • We were among the finalists of the Best of Swiss App Award in 2015
  • We pay attention to design and user experience

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