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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Development

Use the modern technological inventions and impress your clients, Swiss Tomato app development agency can also help you with AR and VR apps.

Swiss Tomato is an expert mobile development agency. In 2019, Swiss Tomato became Winner of Best of Swiss Web in Mobile Category and won the Bronze Trophy in the Enterprise category at Best of Swiss Apps. We work with Clients like Mazda, Swiss Confederation, Jet Aviation, P&G, HP, Rivella or Swiss watches, while we also work with start-ups and small and medium businesses of Switzerland. One of our specialties is VR and AR app development, our expert developer team is happy to help you on your needs.

Why should you consider having an AR/VR app for your business?

Augmented Reality (AR) is about taking pieces of a virtual world and overlaying them over the real world (in contrast to Virtual Reality (VR) that is about taking a virtual world and replacing the real one.

Augmented Reality apps:

You heard about the immense success of Pokemon Go, right? Geolocation based AR has been around for a while, but the popularity of this game brought it back to our attention, that merging the reality and images in the app can really excite the customers. The other form of augmented reality, marker based AR is commonly used for example in the form of QR codes.

Of course, Pokemon Go is a game, not a company app, but can AR also be used for business purposes and bring your brand to the next level? Absolutely! While GPS based AR is not so widespread among companies, marker based AR (augmented reality that appears on products triggered by a marker symbol) is currently used by many, such as Ikea, which uses it in their yearly catalogue and Siemens, that presents their new products in augmented reality brochures.

Virtual Reality Apps

VR technology makes us feel like the future is here, and we can try out situations we always wanted to. Although now VR is mostly used by the video game industry, it is not just for even scarier horror games and experiencing being in space or the perspective of various creatures.
It can also be used for more serious purposes, like visualising data in different fields of science, and also weather models, molecules, and buildings. VR can also be highly effective in training, as an alternative to live training with real equipments, in situations which might be dangerous at first, like trying out a difficult surgery for fresh surgeons, VR flying for pilots and virtual raids for soldiers.

VR is also a great new marketing tool to gain the attention and long-lasting loyalty of customers. A great example is Volvo, which creates virtual test drives using smartphones and Google Cardboard. Another is North Face, this activewear and outdoor sports gear store, which created a unique VR experience in which their customer can try out their new gear in real life situations, such as climbing a mountain or walking in a desert.
These creative concepts really make these brands stand out and these unique experiences will surely be remembered and spread by the customers, which is the reason why you should also consider having an AR or VR app.

What are the fields where AR/VR apps can be used?

AR can be used in many fields:

  • in museums and art galleries, to let you know more about the exhibited pieces,
  • in the case of furniture shops, to help you imagine how their products would look in your own house,
  • in the real estate business,
  • to enhance training and for other educational purposes,
  • industrial maintenance,
  • can be used as a virtual fitting room for clothing shops, to check what colors and styles would suit the customer.
  • to make your brand known and more likeable and to achieve a closer customer relationship by creating an augmented reality gaming experience (advergaming), etc.

VR can be interesting in the following fields:

  • virtual tourism app,
  • virtual tours of houses and other environments,
  • healthcare,
  • sponsored event VR apps,
  • education,
  • scientific and engineering data visualisation,etc.
  • visualisation of 3D product models

Augmented Reality solutions for industries:



Real Estate

Pharma Industry

Virtual Reality solutions for industries:



Real Estate

Pharma Industry


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