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Augmented Reality

Exploring products online as if you
could see them for real.

Try it for yourself
Hand with a phone

No app needed

Works seamlessly in the browser for
your mobile device

WebAR View in 3D

3D view or AR -
you choose

WebAR View in 3D

The Next Big Thing
in E-commerce

  • Visualization

    Go beyond product photos and videos, let your shoppers experience your amazing products

  • Differentiate

    Get ahead of your competitors by using the latest 3D & AR technology

  • Increase conversion

    Drive online sales by enabling your customers to experience a product before they buy it

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View a beautiful 3D model on a computer and seamlessly transition to a mobile AR experience

WebAR View in 3D

Compatible across devices

  • Computers
    - 3D view

    Compatible in most browsers,
    like Chrome, Firefox, Safari

    WebAR View in 3D
  • iOS & Android
    - AR & 3D view

    Compatible with most devices
    across browsers, like
    Chrome and Safari

    WebAR View in 3D

Swiss Tomato works with the industry's best technology, Seek.

  • We prepare the 3D models based on photos

  • It only takes adding a single line of code

  • Web-based augmented reality without an app for iOS and Android

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We prepare the 3D models based on photos


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