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Digital Marketing Strategy

Want to maximize your company’s online presence? Start it with a powerful digital marketing strategy.

Before executing any type of digital marketing campaign a strategy needs to be built. Digital marketing strategy is basically a plan defining the marketing objectives and describing how we will reach them.


Create a Brief

Digital marketing campaigns start with a brief. First of all, you need to define for us and more importantly for yourself, what are you goals – what do you want to achieve. Of course, our experienced team can help you defining a marketing brief with tailored questions.


Assessing digital landscape

In order to spend your budget wisely we need to have an understanding of your digital landscape and your online competitors. We work together to map and understand them deeply.


Create a profile of the audience

After we have a thorough understanding of market landscape and your competitors we create a digital profile of your audience too. In this phase we analyze your target group’s digital insights and digital behaviours as part of your digital marketing strategy.


Define communication goals & message

Once we have all the input, we create the communication goal and communication message. The message is one of the most important assets of the communication strategy.


Select communication channels

According to the defined target group and communication message we choose the appropriate channels. Your marketing mix options will outline and sum up your tools and tactics that we complement with budget and result scenarios.


Measure the campaign results

We monitor a campaign’s success according to pre-defined key perfomance indicators. These are measurable values that we use for evaluation. According to the results we continuosly optimize the marketing mix.

What’s next? Now it’s time to bring everything to life and execute the plan. We provide digital marketing services in many areas such as Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads, newsletters, email marketing etc.

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