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Apple Watch App Development

Swiss Tomato offers app developments for Apple Watch, optimized for the latest operating system, currently watchOS 3. You have to approach Apple Watch app developments with a different perspective and avoid common pitfalls.

#1 Apple Watch apps works for specific use cases

Apple watch apps are most useful in the health, sport and travel. Fitness/cardio apps such as Nike+Running or Runtastic are perfect examples of what people find useful. With their Smartwatches, users can easily measure their pulse, footsteps in order to calculate their progress. Especially now that Apple Watch Series 2 has an integrated GPS, you can save your data directly on your watch: no need to take your iPhone with you ! Swiss Tomato developed Hello Skipper, available for Apple Watch where users can have informations about distances, boat speed, wind and marinas. Only develop apps which would be useful for your users. For travel boarding passes, opening hotel rooms are some useful examples.

#2 the size: a challenge for watchOS developers

It’s hard enough to design an app for iPhones, imagine designing it for an Apple Watch. The size (38mm and 42mm) makes it challengeable. You have to think carefully about which content of your iOS app you want to choose to be on the Apple Watch’s app. Only the essential should be on, people don’t like to spend a lot of time on a watch. Buttons, icons and interactive buttons should be privileged in order to make it easy to navigate for the user.

#3 the screens: what to think while developing Apple Watch apps

If your app is useful and has an intuitive watch-built interface, you can consider developing screens that will be launched from the Apple Watch’s home screen. The key questions is, how many screens are acceptable? Not all apps need a lot of screens, for example an app, which counts your daily footsteps, won’t need a lot of them. Don’t try and put all the content you have on your iOS app, think about what’s really useful on a user’s the daily life.

#4 glance: an Apple Watch feature

Now that you know what content to put on your Apple Watch app, you should select the most important information of your app. Fitting on a screen, the glance interface is activated when swiping from the bottom of the home screen. There, you have all the glances of your apps, which mean one information per app. If the user wants to learn more about it, he just has to click on it to open the app. That’s why the most important info of your app should be pertinent. Apple Watch Series 2 has an incredible bright screen which makes it possible to see the screen in the sun.

#5 notifications: what mobile app developers provide

If your iOS app is told to notify the user in case of an event, your iPhone paired Apple Watch will also display the notification. Think about adding buttons to click on in order to let the user respond fast and directly to the event. For example, if a user receives a modification in his professional agenda from his secretary, he should be able to click on “Yes” or “No” directly, without the need to open the app. As of watchOS 3 you can also scribble on the screen, i.e. write the letters one by one and it will be displayed as text.

#6 Apple Watch limits for app developers

To our minds, Apple should consider making some improvements. Integrating 4G in the Apple Watch would be a big step: users wouldn’t need to pair their watch with their iPhone to have a conexion. Most apps can only work when paired with an iPhone. It means that if you don’t have your iPhone with you, you won’t be able to enjoy fully your Apple Watch. Battery is also a problem for apps developers: they have to develop apps which work fast and support informations but, in the same time, apps should not consume a lot of energy.


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