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Android Wear app development

As the Internet of things expends, Google has his own operating system for connected objects called Android Wear. For now, it’s mostly used for Google’s connected watches. However, Samsung, the biggest Android phone makers, has developed Tizen, an alternative operating system

Swiss Tomato, an iOS and Android apps developer, gives you some tips for developing an Android Wear app.

# 1 restricted functionality: a side of Google wearable watch

Since the operating system can’t manage a complex and heavy app, be careful on what you choose to feature your app. Only the essential should be on the Smartwatch, don’t load the app with useless content. A little part of the actual Android app is to be contained in the Android Wear. The common sense says to operate activities on the smartphone and only have the results displayed on the Smartwatch.

# 2 screen size on Google Android watch

A watch is not that big, and such a little device should be taken into consideration while developing an Android Wear app. In order to avoid annoying your users, privilege buttons and icons instead of text. It’s much easier to tap on an image and to quickly look at a button or numbers than read a series of words. What’s more, choose carefully which screens of your Android app deserves to feature in your Android Wear app. Don’t overload your Smartwatch app, it will only confuse the users.

# 3 use voices on an Android smart watch

We already acknowledged the small screen size; users don’t want to lose time trying to tap on the watch with their fingers. Well then, don’t forget to add voice ability to your app. At least, to open the app. Users will just have to say the magic word “Start your app” and it will automatically open. Your app’s opening rate will improve since it’s easy, quick and useful for busy users.

# 4 widgets for home screen : a feature of Android 2.0

With Android Wear 2.0, you are able to create widgets, just like on Android Smartphones. On a Smartwatch’s home screen, users can insert little widgets to give them instant information. Therefore, developers have to create fun and useful widgets for the app that users might want to put on their watch’s home screen. Widgets are a good reminder of your app: every time someone will want to know what hour it is, he will see it.

# 5 Android Wear or Tizen ?

Samsung’s models “Gear” benefits from the Tizen technology. The Samsung Gear S3 is to come. What’s good about Android Wear is that it’s compatible with all Android phones and even some iPhones. With Tizen, only a few Android phones are compatible. Tizen has a better User Interface which makes it more easy to navigate instinctively through the apps. It’s perfect for people who are are beginners in Smartwatches and want to understand how it works very quickly. However, not a lot of apps are Tizen-compatible, they are limited. Only the famous ones like Nike+ Running and Twitter are available. Android Wear has, of course, all the Google’s services plus other useful applications.


If you would like to develop your own Android app with an Android Wear extention, feel free to contact Swiss Tomato for a free cost estimate; we will get back to you in one working day.


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