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Google Ads

Being visible in Google is key to succeed in today’s business. Find out how a small business can get results by using Google Ads, Google’s paid marketing tool.

You developed your website but then you need visitors to your site. Google Ads is one of the most efficient paid online advertising tools to persuade your target audience to click on your website.

Most people go directly to Google to find out the best options when considering to buy a product or a service. In typical segments, clients coming from search marketing can easily reach 30-70% of paying users.

Advantages of using Google Ads

  • You can set a budget of your campaign according how much you would like to spend. What is fantastic in it, that you pay only for the ads that are clicked by people.
  • Google Ads offers you a range of targeting options so you can set who (what type of group of people) and where (location) will see your Google Ad. You can even set the devices (e.g. smartphones) your ad will appear on.
  • Google Ads is a highly measurable tool, it provides you with detailed information about your campaign. You can derive data based on clicks, impressions, keywords, budget etc.
  • This digital marketing tool gives you fast results. You start a campaign today and have result tomorrow. The immediate results allows you to optimize the campaign from the very beginning.

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Google Ads creation methodology


Understand the competitive market

Understand who are your direct or indirect competitors and what is their search marketing activity, this will help you define your Google Ads strategy.

Analyse keywords

Google has a “Keyword Planner Tool” which helps you estimate the number of searches for certain expressions in a given geography and it also suggest similar keywords.

Identify keywords and group them

You will have to pick the relevant ones and group them into similar groups for which you will run your Google Ads.

Define campaigns with the right targeting

Under campaigns you can define the geography, country, city and language and whether it should appear on desktops and/or mobiles.

Create ad groups

With Google Ads, you can run different ad groups within a campaign.

Add the keywords to the ad groups

You can choose from different types of keyword settings, whether the exact same word has to appear in search or whether variations, misspellings or synonyms can appear as well.

Define negative keywords

This is crucial to filter out searches that are not relevant.

Write your ads

Make sure your Google Ads headline reflects what your user is exactly searching for. The description should be convincing and motivate the user to take action.

Choose your bid type and set your maximum cost per click per keyword

Define how much you are willing to pay maximum for a click on a certain keyword. The level of competition and the quality of your site will determine the cost and position of your ad.

Optimise, optimise, optimise

You have to continuously optimise your campaigns, add keywords, remove keywords, refresh ads, update your bids, those little things will make a big difference.

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