Apple Search Ads: the effective way to promote your app!

apple store search ads

If you developed an iOS app and want to gain audience, Search Ads, an Apple feature might interest you. Search Ads is quite close to Google Adwords.

While one concerns the searches on Google, the other is dedicated to the App Store. The sponsored content is an app. Your Swiss marketing expert Swiss Tomato can help you promote your app with Search Ads and explains you how in 5 easy steps.

According to Apple, in 2016, 65% of app downloads came from searches on the App Store. Knowing that, you can only improve your business when setting up a Search Ads campaign. Sadly, you won’t find this service in Switzerland, it is currently available in the US, UK, Australia and NZ.

1) Describe your app on the App Store

Once you developed your app and put it on the App Store, you should try to be as thorough as possible concerning your app’s info from name and picture to metadatas with keywords. Search Ads will take the infos directly from your app’s page on the Store. If your content isn’t relevant, then your app will have less chance to be displayed when users search for an app in your area.

2) Define your bidding strategy for your App Store Search Ad

Like Google Adwords, the cost per click (or per tap in this case) allow you to pay only if a user taps on your ad. Thanks to this system, you are in control of the money you spend for a Search Ads campaign. You can also define the daily amount you are ready to spend. What’s more, you have to define your maximum cost of tap allowed. The cost can fluctuate depending on how much your competitors are willing to pay for a tap.

3) Define relevant keywords: the key to make your app popular

Keywords and negative keywords are essential for Search Ads. They must be as relevant as possible in order to please the user. If users don’t respond to your ad with a specific keyword, Search Ads will be less inclined to display it. So find your relevant keywords knowing that you can get help from the Search Terms tab if needed. You will be proposed some words and also the most searched keywords.

4) Target your audience to best advertise your app

For a more effective campaign, it’s always better to narrow down your audience in order to target a certain part of users. For example, if you developed an app concerning a certain service available only in London, you wouldn’t want someone in Liverpool to tap on your ad. That’s why Search Ads allows you to target according to age, gender and location. You can also choose on which device you want your ad to appear: iPhone or iPad, or both.

5) Follow and adjust

You can track your campaign and see what works and what doesn’t. Once your analysis is done, refine your strategy in order to be as cost-effective as possible. Your app has to be on the top of its area. The difference with Google Adwords is that only one sponsored app will be displayed at the top of the searches: it has to be yours!

If you need any help to promote your app, feel free to ask Swiss Tomato for a free quote estimate!

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